The essential mechanism of mankind governance

Think long term!

A picture of the world is a system of images and connections between them, visual representations of the world and the place of a man in it, information about the relationship of a man with reality, nature, man with man, man with himself, man with God.

What rules the world? Good or evil, reason or feeling, love or hate, truth or lie, reality or illusion, power or money, fear or hate? I am sure that an enlightened reader can easily sketch a dozen more pairs of opposites of this type. Nevertheless, there is no answer to this question actually. Okay, one can rephrase the question, thereby narrowing the boundaries of its consideration. For example, this way: WHO rules the world – and here only one duality can be presented – man or God?

Since everything is laid out in a person, as I mentioned above – from goodness and money to hatred with illusions – one can safely assert that there might not be such a ruler. Judge for yourself, how can one manage the whole world, while simultaneously expressing good with evil, love with hatred, reality with illusion, truth with lies, and so on? Easy! – someone will say and, in fact, will be right. However, under such management not only evolution will be non-existent, but there will be no development, and eventually people will disappear altogether. Nevertheless, humanity is not just evolving – in the last short time it has incredibly jumped in its development, amazingly so! This phenomenon I described in the section "Conclusion". Read to the end, and you will see that the world is ruled by no man at all.

Then it turns out that the world is ruled by someone who himself created this world, having his own purpose of creation, and not just because there was nothing to do. But then how does the Creator manage the manifested world? Of course, with the help of the instrument, which IS the humanity, HE once created, having endowed it with mind, feelings and body. Through his mind a man realizes his own creativity. The senses are necessary for the formation of emotions, and the body is necessary for the manifestation of activity in the world. Here is a simple picture of world governance for you.

So we’ve come up to the main question - how then to manage mankind, what is its essential mechanism? The answer is with the help of forces and energies. Not to talk them into it, after all! Again, the question arises, what are these forces, how many of them and how do they work? In order to answer it, first it is necessary to understand, at least in the initial approximation, the essence of the Creator.

The Creator is not God, because God Is One, One in three Persons. So: the Creator is the 3rd Person of God, He is the Holy Spirit among Christians, he is the third Aspect among philosophers and He is Brahma in the Eastern spiritual tradition. That’s how God expresses his own Trinity, but that is only when He does not manifest himself in matter. And GOD manifests himself through sevenfold, through his own created body. For example, our Solar system is the body of manifestation for the Solar Logos (God of the Solar system), and our Earth, one of the 49 globes of the Earth Scheme, is body of manifestation for the Planetary Logos (God of the Earth). The construction of the manifestation body is entrusted to His third Person that is why He is called the Creator. It is He, the third Person of the One God, who creates in matter by means of the five powers or five divine principles, thus forming a body in which He himself will first manifest, then the Second Person of GOD, and then the One God himself. Mankind, created by the Creator, is also governed by His five powers. There are no other options, as they say.

All that I have briefly stated about the Creator is relevant only in relation to our planet. But a similar analogy can be drawn in relation to other planetary schemes of the Solar system: Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Volcano. All Planetary Creators are subordinate To the Creator of the Solar system. In Buddhist spiritual tradition there even given the time of His life - 3110,4 billion years, that makes up a period of the existence of our Solar system.

Today we live in the second period. This means that in the previous period the Creator successfully created the first Solar system, which became the body of His own manifestation. Then came the time of the so-called Pralaya, when everything previously created is destroyed. It takes the same amount of time as it takes to create it. At the end of Pralaya, the time came for the second period in the evolution of the Solar system, and the Creator again, for the second time, began to build the body of manifestation of the current Solar system. And when the creation of our Solar system is completed, its Creator (Brahma) will make his own manifestation for the second time, but together with his "Brother" – The one who expresses the second Person of the One God, Vishnu – in the Eastern spiritual tradition. Then Pralaya will come again, so that in the next Solar system its ONE GOD will make his own manifestation. The finale will come. Here is what is said about this time in one of the ancient commentaries:
”The morning stars sang in their courses. The great paean of creation echoeth yet, and arouseth the vibration. There comes cessation of the song when perfection is achieved. When all are blended into one full chord, the work is done. Dissonance in space soundeth yet.  Discord ariseth in many systems.  When all is resolved into harmony, when all is blended into symphony, the grand chorale will reverberate to the uttermost bounds of the known universe. Then will occur that which is beyond the comprehension of the highest Chohan—the marriage song of the Heavenly Man.."

Someone will argue: how so, the time of existence of the Solar system is known - 4.5 billion years. That's right. 3,1104 trillion years is the lifetime of the Solar system, defined as a century of Creator’s life, or Brahma. If we divide this number by 36,000, the number of days and nights in a century, we get 8,640 billion days of the Creator's life. Divide in half and get the value of 4.32 billion, which equals one day of the life of the Creator. Then comes the night, which lasts the same amount of time, during which comes Pralaya, the dissolution of the Solar system.

Five governing forces on the planet

I have come to bring fire to the earth,
and how I wish it had already caught fire!
(Luke 12:48)

In the article "The Metaphysical essence of money" published back in 2015, I first pointed out the five forces that govern mankind. One of them, money, I examined in more detail, from the angle of the science of metaphysics.  The other forces were only designated. In this publication I will try to examine in detail the influence of all five forces and show the results of their impact on humanity throughout the history of its existence, from the moment of origin.

The first force – this force is initiated By the Will of the Creator, and this force determines His Purpose. In fact, thanks to this force that a full-scale crisis is raging in the world today, affecting all spheres of human existence.

The second force is the force initiated By the Love of the Creator. The power of this force forms a Plan for all mankind.

The third force is the power of humanity itself as a single community on the planet. It manifests itself as Intelligence, one of the divine aspects through which humanity implements its influence on the entire manifested world.

The fourth force is the force emanating from that part of humanity which is present everywhere in the world and which we call the Jewish people.

The fifth force is the force of materialism. It is also called the "Dark force", or the force of the "Black Lodge", which is the antithesis of the great White Lodge, or "Light Forces".
A brief description of all five forces is presented in the table below.

As we start looking at each force separately, I need to emphasize that the described mechanism of humanity control by means of the above-mentioned forces did not always exist. Some forces have emerged, others have disappeared during the long journey of human development. For example, the First force manifested itself directly only twice in the history of our planet, and the Fourth force appeared long before the appearance of humanity as the fourth Kingdom on Earth. But during the Atlantic era there were also other forces involved that today have lost their value. And when the humanity of the current (fifth) Aryan era enters the Sixth sub-race and the influence of the forces of Aquarius is activated, some forces will weaken, some will cease their influence altogether, and some, on the contrary, will strengthen. For example, the influence of the Second force will increase, but the Fifth force will practically cease its influence.

Today is a unique time in the history of mankind when, in fact, all five forces are more active than ever, and therefore our time is considered to be the day of judgment. Such mighty activity of all five forces came about 2000 years ago and will last until the activation of the forces of Aquarius. At that time the influence of the Second force will intensify significantly, but the Fourth and Fifth forces will disappear (even though not immediately).  So, it turns out that the existing interference pattern of all five forces overlays will last a very short time, in comparison to the time of human existence on Earth – literally a drop in the sea.

Since the five forces govern humanity, first it is necessary to have someone who created it, humanity itself. Otherwise there is no need for these five forces. We will have to begin the examination of forces with the Third force, the force of humanity itself. But since the creation of humanity requires an initiating force, or the Will of the Creator, the First force was originally activated together with the Third force establishing humanity.

The Third Force

This is the force of humanity itself as a single community on the planet. In fact, this force is the intellect of the Creator himself embodied in humanity, manifested in it (the humanity) as the MIND through which humanity exercises its influence on the entire material world – the three lower kingdoms of nature. The Third force realizes itself as creativity expressed by man in the process of active action on the nature of everything, thus fulfilling the role of the Creator’s instrument.

Humanity as the fourth Kingdom had to be created, and this was done in the Lemurian era, and this grandiose event took place on our planet 21,688,413 years ago, the essence of which, for lack of a better term, we will call individualization or the process of intellectual self-awareness, which is so strikingly distinguishes people from animals. Do not jump to conclusions about the individualization that took place on our planet in those distant times – it is not so easy to understand the essence of this phenomenon. The fact is that this process took place on the plane of mind (five – dimensional space), it is also called the mental plane, and it was carried out by the so-called Solar Angels, a special group of beings who came to our planet from the second Aspect of the Sun. This is another Sun located on the spiritual plane (buddhi plane) of six-dimensional space. It is also called the Heart of the Sun.

The arrival of the Solar Angels attracted the so-called manasadev (a special type of thinking angels), who with their bodies built the bodies of human souls – the Sons of the Mind, or Ego. This is the moment of individualization of man - a momentary flash of self-consciousness, but it refers only to the human soul, which is located on the plane of the mind. However, there could be no self-consciousness in the brain of a physical man, and that had to be done somehow. It is important that the evolution taking place in our Solar system is the evolution of human souls.

The evolution of souls is carried out by means of their adaptation to the physical plane, by the method of cyclic incarnation in dense bodies. In total there should be 777 incarnations, which are divided into three cycles. The first cycle is the first 700 incarnations, when the soul does not participate in the life of the individual, actually adapts to life in the manifested world. The second stage is when the soul is already consciously functioning in the body of the individual and proceeds directly to the formation of the instrument. The third stage is when the soul has fully formed a personality that is in conscious contact with its soul. At the end of the third stage, the individual attains continuity of consciousness in all three worlds, and thus becomes immortal, thereby eliminating the need for further incarnations in dense bodies. The person becomes an adept.

I won’t be describing the life of souls. This is another science’s matter. All that I will write in this publication will only relate to the physical plane of the world phenomena. One thing I’ll mention: souls, while going into an embodiment, put a spark of mind in an etheric brain of the person, thus making the person a self-conscious thinking individual. But there is a problem with the brain of an ordinary dense body. The matter is that the substance, which the brain of the physical person is created from, is rather rough and therefore incapable of expression of self-consciousness. This substance, which brain cells are built from, we inherited from the previous Solar system, so it is called unprincipled substance. Read the beginning of the article about the development stages of the Solar system.

Several million years have passed since the individualization of man, and all this time has been spent on the formation of control over their bodies by the human soul. Then nascent humanity did not possess a small fraction of the intelligence it has now attained. Moreover, it had no sense instrument at all. All forces of a man of the Lemurian era were aimed at achieving coordination of their own etheric body with a dense conductor and the formation of organs of perception of the world. Only the so-called "Third eye" was active. Humanity of that distant era had to consciously direct all its own ability to provide control over the basic physiological functions of its dense body: from the control of body temperature to the control of heart rate, respiratory rate and other physiological factors. This greatly inhibited the development of human intelligence, because no force was directed to its development. It took a long time for all the physiological and functional control of the body to be transferred to the subconscious area, thereby freeing the consciousness for the accelerated development of intelligence.

A few million years passed, and the Lemurian era, when humanity finally achieved full coordination over its body, was replaced by the Atlantean era, during which humanity developed the ability to respond sensitively to the world around it and intensively formed the ability to desire. The mind was still underdeveloped, but the consciousness had already been freed from the necessity of constant control over the physiological functions of the dense body, because this control had been transferred to the subconscious level. The liberated self-consciousness was directed toward the development of the sensitive response apparatus. Man began to manifest previously unknown to him the world of Desires. And man began to desire everything and developed it to an incredible value. It was the desire that brought him pain and suffering that had never been there before.

Then it was time to form the brain consciousness he had lacked in the Lemurian era. The third eye was no longer needed and became a rudimentary organ. However, man began to develop a different vision. Man began to see the physical world through his eyes, he began to gain more and more importance of understanding what the brain is capable of producing, and man began to accumulate knowledge.

Man has developed a force unusual in our understanding, the causative agent of all mental activity, when the sexual force is partially involved, directed upwards to work in the brain. The master of this power is Lucifer, The Son of Dawn, as he is called in most ancient chronicles. The remaining part of the force is used for procreation, so it is also called the protective force of the race. The symbolism of gaining this power is described in the book of Genesis, the famous episode when the Serpent appears, tempting Adam and Eve. As a result, both suddenly begin to understand everything, realize themselves as individuals and direct their eyes to the objective physical world. There they go, leaving the world of the mountains, but with the firm intention and hope that they will certainly return, having fulfilled their mission before the Creator. The Bible does not say, but it is said in other ancient tales, that Eve was married to Lucifer (the biblical Serpent), and they had a son, Cain.

Who was Lucifer? He is: Fire, Light, Life, Struggle, Effort, Thought, Consciousness, Progress, Civilization, Freedom, Independence. At the same time he is Pain and Death, the Evolution of Life. Its association with the Serpent indicates the fact that this power is called "Kundalini" – well known in the Eastern spiritual tradition.
This word comes from the adjective "kundalin", that is "rolled into a ring". The Kundalini is "coiled" because it sleeps in a coiled state and because the nature of its power is spiral... Kundalini is the serpentine force or mystic fire; it is called the serpentine or annular force because of the spiral manifestation or advancement in the body of the ascetic who reveals this force in himself. It is the electric fiery occult or fohatic force, the great primordial force at the base of all organic and inorganic matter.
Blavatsky E.P.

It is this power that creates: from a man-like animal  - a man, from a man - a sage, from a sage - an adept who attains immortality, from an adept – One who will one day become like God.

Each force of the Creator is necessarily personified. In fact, every force has its master. Lucifer is the ruler and guide Of the Third force of the Creator into humanity, just as Christ is the ruler and guide Of the Second force of the Creator, but read on. Lucifer is also called the Son of Dawn because he is a Venusian alien. This event occurred about 18 million years ago, at the middle of the Lemurian era. A group of 108 highly spiritual representatives of Venusian humanity landed on Earth. In mythology, this event is known as the "fall of the angels." Out of that group, only four are still with us on Earth. The others left at different times.

The messengers had a specific task, which was to help the Creator to accelerate the development of earthly humanity. The work went on in three ways, all of which I will not be describing, but one of the ways of awakening the mind in an undeveloped person I will describe. Some of those who came to Earth, directly incarnated in bodies, took earthly women as wives. The awakening and further development of the mind was stimulated by the power of the "Kundalini" possessed by the Venusian messengers. Thus "sexual magic" awakens the "serpent power" in some representatives of infant humanity, who were among the chosen. Part of this power was directed to procreation, and the children born are the mythical Heroes who later led the human race.

Another part of the Kundalini force, rising upward, generated consciousness directly in the brain of the undeveloped person by stimulating the intellect, thus forming a self-conscious individual on the physical plane. It is this force, gradually affecting the brain, once had to transform the average person into a bright ambitious personality, talented, inquisitive, gifted with all the unthinkable abilities of creative expression. However, this same force formed in man the so-called "guardian of the threshold", guarding the gates separating the Dolny (earthly) world from the world above (spiritual). The guardian will not allow an imperfect lad to pass through the gates of Paradise, drawn there by the unconscious sense of the immanent God, some sort of grace or sense of paradise, placed during ancient times by the adepts of the Temple of Ibiza. But once through the long cycles of reincarnation, the guardian of the threshold will still have to fight for a man with the Angel of Presence in the battle on the field of Kurukshetra.

The power that forms the guardian of the threshold in man, which is part of the power of Lucifer, stimulates in the individual the so-called lower or rational mind, the instrument of perception of the world of phenomena so well known to us. This evolutionary creative force in man is a personified force, and its name is Satan. In fact, this is the lowest expression of Lucifer’s power, and Satan, one of His "Brothers", part of the group of Spirits of Lucifer. In the aspiring person the forces of Lucifer form an ultimate or abstract mind, the instrument of perception of the world of meanings, capable of perceiving the Creator's Goal, and thus expressing the Divine Will. It is Jesus' achievement to be able to respond to the supreme, the Divine Will of the Father, is described in the Bible: "... not my will, but yours be done."  (Luke 22: 21).

The lower range of Lucifer power, the power of Satan, stimulates in man the lower, individual mind, the sixth sense in man, in which the sensations of the five senses are synthesized, through which an individual perceives the world of phenomena. In a well-known myth it is this force that is referred to as the "Fire of Prometheus”, the force that forms self-will in man, better known as the "free will of choice" and yet imposes the most severe restrictions on this very choice. A person is not always aware of the restrictions imposed on him or he tries to ignore them, naively believing in his freedom to choose.

And yet self-will is considered an important tool of human evolution, the rapid passage of the animal stage of intelligence development. However, "Satan is bound for a thousand years," says the Revelation of John, which means that a higher will is being imposed on the will of a man. And yet He again "... will be released from his prison and will come out to deceive the people" - we read there, and this indicates that in the next evolutionary cycle, the fifth circle, undeveloped souls will come into incarnation on Earth again, who will have to go through the animal stage of intellectual stimulation, so that later man could express the higher will.

The Temple Of Ibiza
After about 1 million years a group that arrived from Venus organized an Outpost of the Brotherhood on our planet – the Temple of Ibiza. It was originally located in the central part of South America. During much later period one of its branches was the ancient Mayan institutions that practiced the basic worship of the Sun as the source of life on Earth. The second branch was established later in Asia, and its representatives were Himalayan and South Indian adepts, although their work has since changed significantly. In the future, modern science will make discoveries that will prove the existence of the Temple of Ibiza.

The word "Ibiz", like an acrostic, hides the real name of the Planetary God of the Earth. The letters and the I B I Z  are not real senzar letters, only close to their sound. Moreover, each of the four letters represent the first letter of the real name of the four Avatars incarnated on the four globes of our earth chain, representing four of the seven divine principles. Since the adepts of Ibiza had to deal with infant humanity, part of their job was to develop the energy centers in the etheric body of the human unit, stimulate the brain and make it fully self-conscious on the physical plane. Their main goal was to bring awareness of the Kingdom of God within man.

The infant humanity of the Lemurian and early Atlantean days had to be taught through techniques that have come down to us, but have degraded: phallic teaching, tantric magic, and Hatha Yoga practices, using symbols and methods that for the fifth race of humanity, the Aryan consciousness, are forbidden to use today. Gradually, the teaching at the Ibiza Temple was reorganized and the program expanded. Man was taught that, as an individual, he was only a part of a larger whole, and that his interests must be subordinated to the interests of the group. Little by little, as people became ready, the mysteries of initiation into adepts were played out, until at last the wonderful Mystery Schools of Chaldea, the Essenes, Egypt, Greece, and many others appeared.

The activity of the Third force operating in humanity during the Atlantic era, in an unusual way helped civilization to settle on the planet. Human intelligence was still lacking, but thanks to the leadership of the Lords of Civilization, the Third force was used to help infant humanity. For example, by uttering a secret Word, the power of the Third force was directed at an object to be moved in space. Levitation, teleportation, or other unusual for us phenomena were triggered. And it's not like you have the ability to have your own ability to "fly" in space, no. The Kundalini force was involved in moving cargo, building construction, bridges, and other large structures. One day humanity will learn that the buildings in the cities of Atlantis far exceeded the height of modern buildings. Unfortunately, the use of the Third Force of the Creator to be solving everyday problems of mankind hindered the development of their intellect. Therefore, in the next Aryan era, the lords of Civilization forbade mankind to use the Secret Word, which is controlled by the Third force, and themselves directed It to stimulate the human intellect. Subsequently, the Secret Word was forgotten by man.

And yet today, sometimes there are such individuals who have souls incarnate for the first time even as far back as the Atlantic times. They bring with them vague memories of those secret Words that control the hidden power of the Kundalini in man. Many of the hitherto unsolved wonders of the famous conjurers indicate their knowledge of certain secret words of power, albeit in limited use, related to the "serpent" power of Lucifer, or The Third force of the Creator. They do not know what they are doing, but their souls will certainly be punished for using the divine power for selfish purposes, without the knowledge of the Masters of Civilization.

Unfortunately, things were not so good in the Atlantean era. As you know, good intentions paved the road to hell, and the work of the adepts of the Temple of Ibiza also did not avoid such a fate. People with insufficient immunity to pride began to show abuse and distortions of traditions. The adepts made an attempt to protect people from premature initiation, to make the mysteries of the Temple less accessible. However, they were opposed by those who had great power and knowledge, and therefore openly opposed. There was a struggle and this is one of the reasons for the division of magic into black and white.

The main sin of the Atlanteans was thievery, common and widespread. The seeds of aggression and personal gain began to sprout, and the culmination of this process was the great war between the Lords of the Shining Face and the Lords of the Dark Face. For the sake of acquiring what they craved and needed, the most highly developed members of this race began to practice magic. The good thing was that the used Words of Power and elaborate rituals performed by those who were eager to enrich themselves and acquire what they wanted at any cost became inaccessible to humanity. In Atlantis, such heights of luxury were reached that we, with all our vaunted civilization, know nothing about, and have never reached. Only faint echoes of this have reached us – from legends, from information about Ancient Egypt, from archaeological discoveries and ancient fairy tales. In the days of the Roman Empire decline, there was a return of purely Atlantean depravity and immorality. Life was smitten with a miasma of pure selfishness. People lived and breathed in order to have the maximum luxury, abundance of things and material goods. They were stifled by desire and the dream of never dying, but living and living, getting more and more of what they wanted. That is why the purification by the waters of the Atlantic flood was recognized as necessary, and the Lords of mankind, having agreed with the Lords of Karma, fulfilled it.

The work of the adepts of Ibiza and the mysteries of the Ibiza Temple continue today. All over the world, teachers and adepts, in their physical incarnation, teach the meaning of the psyche, the Ego, or the human soul. So a man can really become what he really is - a God walking on Earth, whose lower nature (physical, emotional, intellectual) is completely controlled by the soul, or aspect of love, and not theoretically, but practically.

Much has come down to us from those ancient times, when the "yoga of devotion", or Bhakti Yoga, was actively used to teach those whose dense, etheric, and emotional bodies were coordinated and formed a functional unit. This made it possible to apply the "yoga of devotion", or Bhakti Yoga, for the training of those who were ready, who were able to work and study devotedly, using ceremonial and symbolism. A school was organized. The remnants of that Atlantean group, known to us as the modern Masonic movements, and the work of their Mentors was thus perpetuated in signs and symbols. Thus, the image of form and symbol, tools and surrounding objects, the temple, and the emotional mood retained in the mind of the race. Their function and external expression were the most important factors, although they veiled the truth, and therefore only the external, visible form of the inner, spiritual reality remained. In Atlantean times, only those who felt craving for mystical vision within themselves, who deeply loved and were devoted to the spiritual ideal, were allowed to participate in the mysteries and work. They were not required to have an active, lively mind, and their intellectual abilities were practically at zero. They needed authorities they liked to obey, they learned through ceremony, they were devoted to their Mentors. Their minds were not yet developed, so there were no personalities.

The divine sense of grace, which every human being must feel in one of his incarnations, is a manifestation of the power of Lucifer, unknown Kundalini, which was once activated by the Venusian messengers in the distant Lemurian epoch. In addition to individual stimulation, when "sexual magic" was used, mass stimulation of Kundalini was performed by the adepts of the Ibiza Temple. This process took place directly in the pyramid shaped temples. The pyramids were not built for the dead, as believed in Egypt. Real pyramids, Kundalini generators, were built according to special proportions, as well as in accordance with astrological laws. Perhaps, only the pyramids of Machu Picchu, of all that have survived on Earth, can be attributed to the true structures related to the tools used by the adepts of the Temple of Ibiza to activate Kundalini in infant humanity.

However, the planet has preserved tools other than the pyramids. For example, the Sphinx is the world's oldest puzzle, a historical puzzle, a problem on a scale comparable to the resolution of the quadrature of a circle. In the article " the Mystery of the Sphinx» I wrote:
The Sphinx of the Lemurian era was symbolized by Vyasa. The Sphinx was necessary for the realization of the mystery of individualization, when animal man stood before the Sphinx and had to look him straight in the eyes. This process triggered the activation of a special type of energy (Kundalini) in a person, and a spark of consciousness flashed in his brain.

There are other known megaliths that have come down to us since the age of Atlantis, such as: Stonehenge, Easter Island statues, Megalithic temples of Malta and much more, almost available on every continent, if you look carefully. All these structures have one common purpose – they are tools for stimulating the power of Kundalini, which opens a person's self-consciousness directly in the brain. Since every person born on our planet becomes a self-conscious individual by the age of seven, today there is no practical need for ancient megaliths.

By the way, the spontaneous combustion of a person when there is not even ashes left from the poor fellow, examples can be found on the Internet, is a manifestation of the power of Kundalini, when due to ignorance a person tries to stimulate the "Snake power" in himself. And the burning of the bod is not the worst option of consequences here, because it can be worse: the manifestation of ugliness, complete madness and as a result, the occurrence of uncontrollable animal aggression.

This is a brief story of the origin Of the Third Force of the Creator on our planet. Once launched in the middle of the Lemurian era, this force still plays a huge role in the structure of all mankind.

The result of the Third force activity at present time

Most of the existing humanity on Earth today expresses only the Atlantic type of consciousness. Almost all of Africa, the entire Middle and Far East (including China and Japan, but excluding India) - the territory where people live with the Atlantic type of consciousness. There are also places on the planet where people are living at the stage of Lemurian consciousness. These are Australian aborigines, some African tribes.

Relatively recently, on the scale of human history, about 900 thousand years ago, our Earth passed into the next, Aryan era. At present, humanity is experiencing its evolutionary peak. At this stage, humanity will develop its own mind so much that it can become a conscious instrument of the Creator, to implement the Plan of God. After a while, when the influence of Aquarius greatly increases, the Creator will reduce the effect of his Third force, but will strengthen the influence of the Second force, about which I write further.

Today, the Third force is at the peak of its power, and its influence, as a result, produced Communist ideology. Therefore, communism is an ideology of human origin that has been formulated by humanity in its own right. Yet communism is born in the human family through the influence of the third Person of God, or Creator. In this case, humanity responds to the divine principle of Brotherhood, which is based on the Law of Compassion and as an expression of inner unity the fact of our kinship with each other. We are all children of the one Father. The meaning of the quality of Brotherhood, expressed through the Communist idea, is understood as a group quality that has, in comparison with the ordinary self-consciousness of the individual, a much deeper consciousness, directed to a much more developed group awareness (not to be confused with the lower mass consciousness).

But humanity is still a long way from acquiring group consciousness. After all, the majority has not even reached individual consciousness yet – this is when a person manifests as a true person. One of the reasons for the suspension of humanity at the stage of mass consciousness is the method of competitive cooperation, competition, implanted in humanity by the forces of division and egoism. All over the world people tend to achieve a variety of materialistic goals, fulfillment of personal or national ambitions, imposing ideologies on the human masses. For this purpose, many different parties, organizations, groups, societies, associations and alliances are created, which increases the ability to achieve political and social goals.

In a broad sense, the Third force is no longer directed at stimulating in man the sense of "God walking on Earth." Today, the Third force is expressed by man as a creative principle. Humanity is formed into groups that remain preoccupied with material values and intellectually constructed ideas. In principle, they are not interested in higher values. Economic expediency, possession of subsoil, resources, technologies, and finances are put at the forefront.

Stimulated by a Third force in man, the intellect generates, in turn, a certain kind of restriction. Under the influence of egoism and ambition, these restrictions can turn into a kind of "veil", which gradually thickens, thereby becoming an insurmountable obstacle to the penetration of the rays of Light emanating from the divine Soul of the individual. A person, a group, or a nation thus becomes incapable of distinguishing between good and evil. As a result, Nations are attracted by false ideals and values. But this is one of the main tasks assigned to the power of human intelligence – to make the blurred boundaries between good and evil clear and clearly distinguishable.

Here are a few examples where humanity is completely confused by false ideas and values. Here is one of them: the idea of creating artificial intelligence and virtual reality is a false idea based on complete ignorance and ignorance of the essence of intelligence as an attribute of the third Person of God. Here is another: the idea that denies the existence of the ether - unfortunately, this is the work of the Dark Brothers, whose activities will be discussed in the description of the Fifth force. Here's another: the idea of the possibility of same-sex marriage is also the work of the Dark Brothers, which would not have been so successful if not for the ignorance of the masses.

Here's another example: humanity is misusing money. In this matter there is a complete misunderstanding. I wrote about this in the article “Metaphysical essence of money", but in the article I did not point out that there is a law: "Energy follows a thought." To paraphrase it, I will say this: the kind of thoughts in the soul of a man, that’s where he directs his money. So, the outbreak of the epidemic of charity clearly demonstrates the activity of the Dark Brothers, in the sphere of Their activities in which they are particularly strong – in the sensitive sphere of human activity. As a result, often their good intentions are just paving the way to hell. The fault is the lack of common sense and distinctions.

There are many examples. But what is important is that they will all point to the degradation of the influence of the Third force due to the ignorance of the masses, which ultimately affects the loss of logic of common sense. Please note that the Russians still cannot find the meaning of life, and most importantly, cannot decide on their national idea and therefore develop value guidelines. As a result: in all vital areas of human life or personal development, economic expediency is at the top. How did humanity come to this? How can you do that? But it turns out that you can, and very much so! At the beginning of the article, I wrote that the Third force, which Lucifer is the master of, is divided into two streams. One part of it is used as reproduction, the other is directed to the development of intelligence. So, the stagnation of the "Snake power" in the Russian nation is the only and main reason for the decline in childbearing in Russia, as well as the reason for the gradual extinction of the logic of common sense.

I’ll give an example. In the USSR people lived much worse, but there was a powerful idea that gave birth to an ideology. In a short time the country was able to quickly activate the intelligence of the nation, as a result of which science came out on top in the world, especially in advanced areas. There were Nobel laureates in literature and science. The film industry was rapidly developing. The country began to grow numerically. All this is due to the powerful influence of the Third force of the Creator in the nation, the special power of "Kundalini", whose Lord is Lucifer, the leader of the "fallen angels", once sent on a special mission from Venus to help our planetary God.

The reason for the stagnation of the Third force in the Russian nation (and, perhaps, in the whole world) is the complete lack of understanding of the natural processes of being due to the rejection of the science of metaphysics. Natural academic sciences cannot explain the foundations of the worldview, as does metaphysics. Remember how Putin gave the task of the Russian Academy of Sciences to find a Russian national idea. He gathered prominent academics and professors and placed them in a boarding house. Three months later, they were dismissed because they had never been able to give birth to any meaningful idea. Although there was a lot of caviar and brandy consumed.

In total:
Humanity has gone firmly from the birth of a spark of individualization mind, through mass consciousness to individual consciousness; from blind ignorance through the development of intelligence and intelligent arrangement of life to a growing sense of responsibility. This awakening sense of responsibility on its present scale is a relatively new phenomenon; it arose as a result of the Third force of the Creator, and it also draws humanity to the slowly unfolding group consciousness. And this is the real progress made by mankind, despite the mistakes made by the races, many storms and experienced difficulties, from which humanity came out "purified by fire and water", becoming better and stronger and definitely being closer to the goal, and therefore it is impossible to turn back.

And yet: a huge amount of the Third type of energy today is crystallized in money, which humanity has not learned to use correctly due to the egoistic perception of the world of phenomena, the complete lack of knowledge about the existence of worlds of meaning and causes – as a consequence, the wrong choice of the path to move towards the goal. Today, the human mind mostly serves materialism, not spiritual values. A deep metaphysical truth is contained in the gospel saying "the love of money is the root of all evil." Money and selfishness are mostly at the heart of the current disastrous situation. In essence, great financiers are people for whom getting money, or this type of energy, is the line of least resistance combined with the will to create huge fortunes, and for this they use intelligence to achieve their goal, and nothing can hold them back. Nevertheless the money could be used to carry out the work of the Hierarchy of Light Forces.

Being a condensed expression of the Third force, money nevertheless did not immediately appear in human use. A great contribution to their emergence was made by the Jews. Read more about this in the chapters on the Fourth and Fifth forces. At first, mankind used barter in the trade of goods, which most resembled an ordinary exchange. However, soon humanity had a creative approach to the important area of its activities as a trade. As a result, something appeared that would later become the money. People began to abandon barter and increasingly resort to the use of commodity equivalents in trade. For example, the seeds of some plants were used: coffee, pod tree, once served as a measure of mass later became a unit of measurement of the mass of purity of gold, precious stones.

Humanity is the fourth Kingdom on the planet, and it is United in the desire for understanding, for the establishment of correct relations, and for the expression of that fundamental good will which is the deepest human trait, the divine heritage.

At present, the forces and energies of the creative process are extremely active. They are preparing what I would call the "material of the world" and the substance of all the four kingdoms of nature for the coming changes. As the ploughman ploughs and buries the soil in his field, thus raising what is below for subsequent fruiting, in the same way a similar process is performed in the modern world, and everything is prepared for sowing and subsequent results. These results will constitute the culture and civilization of the age of Aquarius in the near future. However, we must remember that not all the problems of humanity have yet been solved, and if humanity suddenly slows down its own movement on the way to the Goal or inadvertently turns back, the First force that expresses the Will of the Creator will certainly be activated. Read on about this force, often referred to as Divine intervention.

The Fourth force

It is a force emanating from that part of humanity which is present everywhere in the world and which we call the Jewish people. Wait, what, the Jews - they are some kind of special people, they are not humanity? You may be surprised, but it's true. And so along with the Third force, which is expressed through humanity, there is a Fourth force, and the Jews are its vehicles. And what is important: this Fourth force is currently very influential and active, at least because the Jews are in charge of an extremely important force for today - the power of money. They also use magic. Perhaps not so often and not so noticeably, but still.... Review Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman's film Fanny and Alexander, which won four Academy awards and a Golden Globe award. There you will see the operation of these two forces used by the Jews - money and magic. Of course, this does not mean that every Jew is a magician and born with silver spoon in their mouth. I refer magic and money to Jewish nation. In reality, not every Jew is necessarily rich, and a few people understand magic at all.

And yet remember the magic of Moses, which he used in Egypt. And the famous Exodus of the Jews, when the Red sea parted. Remember Joshua, who stopped the Sun and Moon in the sky. And the pipes of Jericho.... Finally, remember the greatest Shrine of the Jewish people – the "Ark of the Covenant". And Jesus, who raised Lazarus, was also of Jewish blood. And about the Jewish money not even worth talking about – it’s pretty clear.

Jewish history is a complex subject, and there are some difficulties in understanding it. This force, together with the Fifth force, significantly complicates the problem facing humanity and the Brothers of Light – moving towards the Goal. However, it should be understood that these two forces create the balance that is always necessary to maintain the required conditions of human existence.

Jews did not undergo individualization on Earth. And so they are not considered humanity. They appeared on our planet already self-conscious people and quite reasonable. The Jews are in fact the humanity of the preceding Solar system; they are the highest product of that System, handed down to us along with its imperfect matter. What "previous Solar system" means is stated at the beginning of the publication. It is simply that the Solar system develops in three successive periods. In the first period, the third Person of the One God of the Solar system is active – this is the previous Solar system. In the next, already our current Solar system, activity is expressed by Its second Person, and in the third, already completing Solar system, the first Person will be active. And then, at the end of the third period of the Solar system, the One Himself manifests. True, it's not going to happen very soon, but it's going to happen.

The reader may be perplexed by all that I have to say about the Jews. Nevertheless, everything that you will read in this publication really took place, if only it is considered not in the categories of specific individuals, but in the categories of CONSCIOUSNESS as an integral attribute of the human soul (whether it is Jewish or not), which is known to be immortal, although relatively. The consciousness of those individuals was not destroyed, but was preserved in Pralaya in order to manifest itself at the right time in concrete bodies on Earth. In fact, consciousness, being a divine product resulting from the interaction of the forces of the second and third Aspects of the Creator, Love and Intelligence, never disappears. Moreover, evolution in our current Solar system is the evolution of consciousness, which develops from the self-consciousness of the individual, moving to the group consciousness of the soul (not to be confused with mass consciousness), then - to the divine consciousness.

The Jews are the humanity that individualized and developed in the first Solar system. That individualization differs from individualization that earthly humanity held 21 688 413 years ago. Remember, I wrote about the Solar Angels, who, entering into the Earthly Scheme, kindled the spark of the mind on the mental plane and thus gave birth to human souls, which were endowed with self-consciousness. This method involves external stimulation by special highly spiritual entities, which significantly accelerates the spiritual evolution of man. However, in the previous Solar system, a different method of individualization was used, by the way, the same as in the Lunar Chain of the Earth Scheme of our second Solar system.

This method of individualization is based on the gradual evolution of self-consciousness according to natural law, when the hidden consciousness of matter gradually begins to manifest. This takes a huge amount of time. Nevertheless, this process of natural individualization took place in the preceding Solar system. As a result, the emerging humanity is the descendants of those three disciples who failed to pass on to the next evolutionary stage – they are the descendants of the future Jews.

The present advanced humanity has gone through the same method of individualization as in the previous Solar system. And although their individualization was already carried out in our Solar system, yet this process took place a long time ago, when there was no Earth in its objective state yet. Their individualization took place in the Lunar chain of the Earth's Scheme, and since the chain consists of seven globes, the birth of humanity took place on the same globe that we see today in the night sky. The moon is all that is left of the once living planet on which humanity developed, but in the end everything went wrong, and thus "lunar humanity" is very deeply mired in evil. Things got so bad that the Space Lords were forced to intervene and stop the evolution of the Lunar Chain. Without going into details, I will point out that human souls were transferred to Pralaya and began to take physical bodies in the Earth chain on its fourth globe (that is, our Earth) only in the Atlantean era. While in Pralaya, they spent this gigantic period of time in kindling the manasic flame and developing the attributes of the mind, so they entered the Atlantean era already adequately equipped with everything necessary to cope with the conditions of life. One of the most advanced representatives of the Lunar chain humanity was the one who is known to us as the Shakyamuni Buddha.

By the way, the head of the third division of the Hierarchy of Light Forces, the Lord of civilization, also came from the Lunar chain. He arrived on Earth during the second sub-race of the Atlantean epoch (several million years ago). He became an adept in the Lunar chain, and it was with His assistance that a large number of the present most advanced human beings were incarnated on Earth in the middle of the Atlantean epoch. The karmic connection with Him was one of the prerequisites that made this event possible. His work is aimed at strengthening the connection of fundamental pairs of opposites - between Spirit and matter, Life and form. It manipulates the forces of nature and is the main source of electrical energy as we know it. At the present time, the post of Lord of civilization is occupied by Saint-Germain – The Same one who, together with count A. Cagliostro and his political group, carried out the political reconstruction of the entire world. For more information, see the Chapter about "First force".

And yet the humanity that was individualized on our Earth differs in the method of individualization from the humanity that came to us from the Lunar chain, which means that the forces that are responsible for the development of the mind will also be different. At the same time, Lucifer remains the master of the Third force for all mankind, regardless of the method of individualization. However, there is still a difference. If the development of the lower mind in earthly humanity is associated with Satanic power, then the stimulation of the human mind of the Lunar chain, developed naturally and was controlled by the power of the Lunar Lords, which is personified in Jehovah, who, in fact, was the Regent of the moon, when life prospered there like ours. Thus, both forces - Satan and Jehovah – actually do the same thing, which is activating a specific mind in a person. The higher abstract mind is stimulated by the power of Lucifer, and He also takes control of both Satan and Jehovah. But not the Jews.

The Jehovah of the Jews is different from the Jehovah of the Moon chain humanity, the Jewish Jehovah is more powerful. Remember the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, which was completely controlled by Jehovah. Then even the "serpent power" of the Pharaoh himself was completely suppressed by the power of the Jewish Jehovah. We should also not forget that it was Jehovah who Moses conversed with on mount Sinai and received the tablets from His hands.

The difference of forces lies in the fact that the Jewish Jehovah is associated with the Spirit of the Earth – the great involutional planetary Entity, which is in charge of virtually every atom of our planet, but not only. At His full disposal and power are the so-called lesser builders - hosts of angelic entities that participate in the creation of all forms on the planet. They, like The Spirit of the Earth, are on the involutional arc of development and belong to pre-human beings, which means that they do not have consciousness, and therefore respond only to the SOUND and Words of Power. This is where all MAGIC comes from, and here lies the root of all black magic. Therefore, only the Spirit of the Earth on our planet has unlimited magical abilities in the creation and destruction of any forms.

The Spirit of the Earth for our physical planet is the totality of all life in form, in all the realms of nature, and thus expresses the world soul. For the Planetary Logos of the Earth (our One God), the Spirit of the Earth is what the person (or formal nature) is to the soul of man. Our Planetary Creator, or the third Person of the one, cannot express Himself through his own involutional (and thus imperfect) personality, but in order to maintain life on the planet, the Creator must provide, through the Spirit of the Earth, with life all that exists on the planet. However, He still needs his own personal manifestation, and he realizes this through another, quite perfect person, from the ones who arrived then, 18 million years ago, from Venus. In the East, He is known as Sanat (the First) Kumara (a virgin who took a vow of celibacy), and for us, he is the Lord of the World.

Nevertheless, the Spirit of the Earth was revealed to the Jews, like Jehovah - a jealous, angry, ardent and eternally active God, vindictive, and benevolent only to his "chosen people", and this historical fact is found more than once in the Bible:
  • it was He who tested the devotion of Abraham by forcing the sacrifice of his son Isaac (Gen. 22:2);
  • it was He who appeared to Moses in the form of a burning thorn Bush (ex. 3:2);
  • it was He who initiated and then controlled the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt and it was He who helped them by demonstrating his magical power;
  • it was He who called Moses to mount Sinai and there gave the tablets;
  • thus, it was He who gave the ten commandments to the Jews – and through them to all mankind - which remain relevant to this day;
  • it was He who sent the Magi with gifts to the newborn Jesus, accurately indicating the place of birth of the Savior;
  • and it was with His help that Jesus performed wonderful magic in the resurrection of Lazarus, walking on water, and turning water into wine, etc.;
  • it was He who tempted Jesus in the wilderness, but could not persuade him to accept the great sacrifice;
  • and this was the same Spirit that after the death of Jesus took his form and personified him as the risen Christ.

It should be added that the dense physical body of man, as part of the General structure of the entire planet, consists of atoms that are under the control of the Spirit of the Earth and are part of His life. When a man dies, the atomic structures that formed his body return to the common reservoir controlled by the Spirit of the Earth. The dense body of man, his physical vehicle, has a life of its own and some intelligence inherited from a substance that has its own intelligence. This is the physical element inherent in everyone living on this planet and is an integral part of the animal soul of man. All forms in all the realms are constructed by the lunar lords, those who rule over the forms, under the impulse of the Aspect of the Soul of the One, our Planetary God, working in conjunction with the Spirit of the Earth, the totality of all the Lunar Lords.

In some approximation, the Spirit of the Earth has a resemblance to the human element. The Earth Spirit creates an involutional type of energy, as opposed to the energy created by the evolutionary forces of human souls. And this leads to conflict. It is these conflicting forces that present the problem of duality – the duality of the highest and lowest in many different gradations of human development. Everything that is "low" in man and compels him to do evil is conditioned by involutional forces. We call this type of displayed force – the devil's.

On our planet, the Spirit of the Earth does not obey anyone, He is subject only to the "Lord" of Venus. This is basically the reason why the Dark Brothers are more powerful on Earth today. To reverse this state of Affairs, the mission when the Jews were supposed to carry out 2000 years ago was initiated, read about it further in the text. The Jews are God's chosen people; they were supposed to maintain physically purity, and their welfare is extremely important to Jehovah; they are entrusted with Messiahship. The concept of "love" for other people is absent in their religion, although love for Jehovah is instilled by threats, and Jehovah is jealous of their contacts and interest in other people or Gods.

Historical essence of the Jews
Jews live in all countries without exception, they have a powerful and broad influence, much greater than they are willing to admit. They strangely constitute a unique and distinctly separated world center of energy. The reason for this is that they represent the energy and life of the preceding Solar system. Those whom we now call Jews are descendants of that early group, which was kept in Pralaya between the first and second Solar systems. After completing its own evolution, they could not move to the next evolutionary stage and had to try to do so in the current Solar system, on our planet. This is what is said about them in one of the ancient commentaries. This is an ancient source, older than all the known writings of the world.
"The law went forth from the inner group which guided the destinies of men: Detach yourselves.  Withdraw within yourselves the power to hold and gain and get.  The sons of God, who train themselves to leave the world of men and enter into light, they ever travel free.  They hold not what they have.  Release yourselves, and enter through the gates of peace.
Some of the sons of God, waiting outside those gates, ready to enter when the Word went forth to roll the gates aside, were laden with the treasure of the earth.  They brought their gifts as offerings to the Lord of life, who needed not their gifts.  They sought to enter through those gates, not with a selfish end in view, but to present the garnered treasures of the world, and thus shew their love.
Again the Word went forth: Leave all behind and pass beyond the portal, laden with naught of earth.  They waited and discussed.  The rest of those who were prepared entered into light and passed between the pillars of the gate; they left behind the loads they brought and entered free, and were accepted, carrying naught.
Because they travelled as a group, and as a group progressed and grasped, the group responded to the divine command and halted.  There they waited, standing before the portal of the Path, grasping the garnered treasures of a thousand cycles.  Naught did they wish to leave behind.  They had laboured for the riches which they held.  They loved their God, and Him they sought to dower with the fullest measure of the riches they had gained.  They loved not discipline.
Again the Word went forth: Drop on the ground all that you hold, and enter free.

But three revolted from that stern command.  The rest obeyed.  They passed within the gates, leaving the three outside.  Many were raised unto the heights of joy.  The three remained without the gates, holding their treasure firm."

These three became the progenitors of the modern Jewish race. These were three advanced disciples who did not obey the command to enter where the light reigns free and unencumbered. They tried to keep what they had accumulated and dedicate it to the service of God. But in reality they were driven by an unconscious love of wealth and a desire to preserve it. As a result, these three
"They turned their faces towards the gates of earth.  Their friends went on..... They stayed behind..... The Masters met in conclave and decided what should be the fate of those who, having reached the Gates of Light, loved the possessions of the world more than they loved the service of the light.  Again the Word went forth to the revolting three, who waited still without the gates:
Hold what you have and gather more, but know no peace.  Garner the fruits of mind, and seek your power in wide possessions, but have no sure abiding place.

Within yourselves, because you are disciples of the Lord, you shall have no share in peace, no sure and certain knowledge of success, nor power to hold your gains.

Always shall there be the knowledge dim of Him Who watches over all.  Always the urge to gather and amass.  Never the time to hold and to enjoy.  Pass on therefore until the time shall come, and again you stand before the Gates of Light, this time with empty hands.  Then enter, free, accepted by the Servants of the Lord, and know, forever, peace."

An ancient legend tells us that these three left, grieving and protesting, taking their wealth with them, and marked the beginning of the history of the Eternal Jew. Nevertheless, they brought us from the previous solar system the knowledge (necessary at the Time, but now obsolete) that their race was the "chosen people". The wandering "Eternal Jew" has passed from the first solar system to the second, where he must learn the lesson of assimilation and stop his wanderings. He insisted on racial purity, as this was his main problem in the Lemurian period, when this people came to a world that did not yet have human beings. Those whom we now call Jews are descendants of this early group, which was held in Pralaya between the first, preceding, and the second, current, Solar systems.

But there was another group of disciples who, unlike the three disciples mentioned, still passed through the ancient portals of initiation, finding eternal peace and rest forever. Still, they had a vague memory of why three of their fellow students had separated from them. Once they returned to life on Earth, they told about this event and thus made a mistake that started a long antagonism to the three disciples and continues to this day.

The three mentioned disciples, who were once close to resurrection from death on Earth to life in the light, and their ancestral groups became the ancestors of the three main racial formations, which can be summarized as follows:
1. The Semitic race or races of Biblical and modern times; the Arabs, the Afghans, the Moors and the offshoots and affiliations of those peoples, including the modern Egyptians.  These are all descended from the eldest of the three disciples.
2. The Latin peoples and their various branches throughout the world, and also the Celtic races wherever found. These are descended from the second of the three disciples.
3. The Teutons, the Scandinavians, and the Anglo-Saxons, who are the descendants of the third of the three disciples.

This is a broad generalization. Because of the enormous length of the period and the number of branches that have arisen over the past epochs, we can only give a General idea. In the modern world, there is not a single pure-blooded race, because of the countless inter-ethnic marriages, illegal relationships and promiscuous relationships over the past millions of years, there is no need to talk about any purity of blood.

The last mission of the Jews
Important detail: a famous historical figure - Jesus of Nazareth - was a direct descendant of the eldest of the three disciples. The dramatic story we know from the "Bible" is actually the story of the Jewish people, describing their path, ascent to "Glory", but still retreating at the last moment. Then, 2000 years ago, they had the opportunity to finally complete their wanderings of the "Prodigal Son" and, having fulfilled their mission, to establish on Earth an Outpost of the Fifth spiritual Kingdom – the Kingdom of Souls. But the weight of the ancient traditions that passed from the first Solar system again prevented them from crossing the gate that leading from Darkness to Light. This is an extremely important event in the history of the Jewish people, and the beginning of this history related to the Jewish mission goes back several millennia. The beginning of those events can be considered the legend of Joseph the Beautiful and his brothers. The legend is based on some mystical connection between Joseph's father, Jacob, and the Pharaoh Akhenaten, and this is an important fact. The fact is that the figure of Akhenaten will play an important role in the history of mankind more than once. That's when he appeared in Egypt as a kind of foreign body, which the Egyptians themselves after his death will try to erase from the historical chronology and remove as many events related to the Pharaon’s initiatives.

But Akhenaten was not sent by the Older Brothers of the Hierarchy to please the people of Egypt. Akhenaten actually reformatted the religious and political system of Egypt in order to later accept the Jewish people on their land in order to adapt them. In doing so, he started a process that stretched over several millennia. The immediate fulfillment of the Jewish mission began with Jacob, a famous old Testament character. And he is known for his dream "Stairs to heaven", the symbolism of which is described in the Apocrypha of the same name. The Apocrypha gives a detailed description of the ladder that James saw, and also provides an interpretation of this vision "... as the descent of Christ to earth." So this event - the Coming of Christ - was the main goal of the Jewish mission, stretched over several thousand years. But why so long? Well, the coming of the Messiah is also an astrological event. So the Savior had to come in a Jewish body, and he also had to combine his own personal powers with the power of Jehovah. In astrology, the symbol of Jehovah is considered to be Saturn, and the Savior is Jupiter, which controls the sign of Pisces. Thus, the Messiah was to appear on Earth when the Sun entered the sign of Pisces in its 25000th cycle (the Platonic year). At the same time, it was supposed to be a day when both Jupiter and Saturn will join in the horoscope in the sign of Pisces.

Today, it is quite simple to reproduce this astrological picture - on a computer. Set the date in any astrological program, if you do not want to use the ephemeris tables, the night from 26 to 27 December 7 BC, and in the horoscope you will see the connection of Saturn, Jupiter and the moon In the sign of Pisces. This is a very rare astronomical event, occurring perhaps no more than once in a Millennium. So the time of the arrival of Jesus’ group was planned, and quite accurately. The only thing left to do was to prepare the instrument, and the mentors of mankind resorted to the help of the Jews. However, the instrument had to be prepared, and it was necessary to start with their adaptation to the part of the population that lived in the part of the area where the specific mystery was planned to take place.

Stepping back from the date of Jesus' birth by about 3,000 years, we will move from the age of Pisces to the age of Taurus, so that when it ends, the Sun will move to the sign of Aries, in which the Jews will have to wander until all signs of Egyptian slavery disappear. So, three millennia before the birth of Christ – this will be considered the same times of the old Testament Jacob. Jacob was not aware of the nature of the mission intended for the Jews, but the mission was started by his son Joseph. But Akhenaten, the Pharaoh of Egypt, was aware of the Creator's Plans, and therefore he should be considered the initiator of the greatest mystery started by Joseph's father, Jacob, and ended by Jesus of Nazareth. Subsequently, the one who was embodied in the body of Akhenaten will come again in the XVIII century in the body of count Cagliostro at the head of the political group that will be entrusted with the task of launching the process of integration of Europe, and everything will begin with the great French revolution. For more information, see the Chapter about "First force".

However, we will continue the story about the fulfillment of the mission by the Jews. So, Jacob was engaged in cattle breeding, he had many children, and they were all born of different concubines of his. Joseph was a late child born to Jacob's wife named Rachel, and was a favorite in the family, but this is why the brothers disliked Joseph. One day Joseph was herding cattle with his half-brothers, and they threw Joseph into a dry well where he spent three days. Eventually, the brothers sold him as a slave to a passing caravan. That’s how Joseph ended up in Egypt.

The hardships of the Egyptian slave life did not break the spirit of Joseph. Eventually, fate brings him together with a pagan Pharaoh, who instructs Joseph to solve his dream, and Joseph successfully does it. So, the former slave eventually becomes a Minister, the best friend of the Pharaoh. Later, Joseph marries an Egyptian woman who will bear him two sons. Soon Joseph's brothers visited Egypt to purchase a supply of grain. At that time, all the brothers had a family. The family numbered 70 people. At first they did not recognize their brother. Eventually, Joseph forgave the brothers and moved the entire family to Egypt. Joseph put a lot of effort into the development of Egypt, and so the Jews settled in Egypt. This Old Testament story from the Book of Genesis about Jacob, his beloved wife Rachel, and his son Joseph is detailed in Thomas Mann's tetralogy novel “Joseph and his brothers”. I have specifically focused the reader's attention on this historical event as an important event in Jewish history. It was precisely during the existence of Akhenaten when the greatest mystery of the Aryan civilization was founded, which will be discussed later.

The next old Testament book “Exodus” begins with a story about Moses – a very significant historical figure of the Jewish people. The story of the life of Moses is well known, so I will not distract the reader's attention and describe only what is not described anywhere.

When the adaptation of the Jews to life in the human environment in the Middle East was nearing completion, they began to be taken out of slavery. This was about 6 thousand years ago. At that time, the age of Taurus was ending and the age of Aries was coming. The Jews, going to the "promised Land", had to develop the qualities corresponding to the new era in the course of 2.5 thousand years. Aries is the place of final revelation of the goal of incarnation. Therefore, it is in Aries that the will to cooperate with the Plan arises. All four key notes of Aries convey the same idea. They can be expressed in the following four precepts, or instructions, symbolically given to all who go into incarnation:
  • Express the will to be and do.
  • Uncover the ability to manifest.
  • Join the battle for the Lord.
  • Achieve unity through effort.

All these four points of instructions had to be fulfilled by the Jews for two and a half thousand years before they were allowed to enter the next age of Pisces. Similarly, today's humanity is still not allowed to enter the age of Aquarius – although astrologically, and astronomically, we are already in it – because humanity is still not ready for a vigorous move forward and therefore still remains in Pisces. So, the Jews were given a period of time that was determined by the duration of the age of Aries, and they set to work.

The initiator of the Jewish mission was a disciple of the Hierarchy of Light Forces, Moses. On the Sinai mountain, he was initiated and received the appropriate instructions, and with them he was given the knowledge of the words of power. There was another important event that still affects all of humanity. The fact is that the Jews performed a magical rite, and by meditating on the image of Taurus they created, they attracted forces from the constellation of Taurus. Since this sign contains the place where the forces of Cosmic Evil come from, the Jews managed to open the door to this very place. That is why Moses was so angry when he returned from the mountain. And although he destroyed apostates and their families until the third (and even the seventh) generation, the seeds of evil still failed to be completely destroyed, and they sprouted. It is only because of the great activity of the Dark Brothers that the externalization of the Hierarchy of Light Forces planned in the last century could not take place, and Christ, having descended to the sixth, astral plane, did not begin to clothe himself in the covers of dense matter left to Him by the Buddha and preserved to this day.

But then, at the turn of the age of Aries, the Hierarchy of Light Forces could not even imagine what this "innocent" idea of conducting the rite of "worship of Taurus" would turn out for humanity. It would seem that everything went according to a prearranged Plan. In accordance with it, the Buddha was sent to incarnation, who then laid the Foundation of the planetary Antahkarana, the path that connects the universal Soul (Adam) with its personal objective expression revealed by humanity. The Buddha paved the way for the part of humanity that follows the mystical path of "ascent to glory". At about the same time, Pythagoras was sent to Europe with the same mission. Then came the main stage of realization of The Plan for the Foundation of the spiritual Kingdom on the planet. This stage began about 2 thousand years ago. A large group of hierarchical disciples was sent to the incarnation with a special mission led by Jesus, and the focal point of the group was Christ. Remaining behind the veil, He formed the task for the group, through the overshadowing of his disciple Jesus. It was Christ who became the conductor of the Divine energies of Love-Wisdom for humanity.
Wisdom is the sublimation of the intellect, but this involves the sublimation of the higher as well as of the lower aspects of the mind. It is a blend of intuition, spiritual perception, cooperation with the plan and spontaneous intellectual appreciation of that which is contacted, and all this is fused and blended with and by the love...
The Tibetan

In those distant times, the Jews in the structure of universal human relationships determined the sensitive nature of the Creator's world through the formation of emotional reactions of mankind in relation to themselves. It was necessary to change the relationship between Jews and humanity, and it was the Jews who had to initiate this process. And this mission was assigned to the group of Jesus, who then incarnated in Jewish bodies for this purpose. In fact, the group of Jesus was supposed to initiate the process of transmuting their emotional energies into the energy of love in the Jewish people.

Love-wisdom – a special type of power emanating from the Second Person of God, through Christ, was directed to the group of Jesus. The group tried to initiate the activity of the Jewish group soul. But for this purpose it was necessary to achieve a high number of Jews, in whom their own Soul would actively express itself. John the Baptist was just doing this work. Through the rite of baptism, John stimulated the activity of the Soul of a particular individual. But not every baptized Jew managed to achieve this. If it were possible to recruit a sufficient number of individuals with a manifested Soul, human history would go in a completely different direction, and the appearance of the entire planet would be unrecognizably different.

As they say, no fate. The Jews then did not accept the Messiah in the form of Jesus, and humanity expressed hatred for the Jews. The transmutation of the energy of desires and passions into love was not realized. The Jews then again aggravated their karma by not accepting the salvation offered to them. The group did not complete its work, and since the Jews abandoned their mission, the focus of the efforts of The Planetary Hierarchy of Light Forces was transferred to another place, to the Apennine Peninsula, and then to Europe, and then spread to the planet in the consciousness of mankind in the form of a Christian Religious Tradition. To this day, for the vast majority of people, true love remains only a theory. Love in the ordinary sense is represented as kindness. However, this is kindness to the formal aspect of life, to the personalities of the people around us. Love expresses itself in the desire to fulfill its obligations, to make efforts that contribute to the well-being of its fellows. Love manifests itself in the desire to end abuse and provide more favorable material conditions in the world. It also manifests itself as maternal love and friendship, but so far very rarely as love between groups and nations. Love is a theme of Christian teaching. Love initiates much of the useful work in the field of philanthropy and human welfare.
For the first time in human history, the love of God was embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression of divine love is still in the making; the world is not yet full of love and few there are that understand the true meaning of the word. …But, factually, love has never yet been expressed—except by the Christ.
The Tibetan

The group itself, after the crucifixion of its leader, was still able to activate the Fifth Principle of the Creator within its "ring of do not transgress". A well-known event, such as the descent of the Holy Spirit to the group members, described in the Bible, confirms this. As a result, the members of the group became adepts in the incarnation, and they became the embryo of a new religion that began to spread across Europe three hundred years later. The Christian religion has done nothing in the sense of solving the problem of the Creator with the Foundation of the spiritual Kingdom on the planet. The problem was that the Foundation of Christianity was not Jesus himself, but one of his disciples, the Apostle Paul, who misinterpreted the meaning of the teaching that came from Christ. And it happened because,
because the truth—like all truths as they reach humanity—had to pass through the filter of his personality mind and brain; it was then unavoidably given a personal slant and twist and this is responsible for the sorry historical story of Christianity and the dire plight of the nations today—ostensibly Christian nations yet swept by hate, ruled by fear and at the same time by idealism, governed by a fanatical adherence to their national destiny as they interpret it and "out for blood" as the piling up of armaments discloses.
The Tibetan

The mission of Christ is not complete, because the fifth (spiritual) Kingdom of Souls has not been established on the planet, because the principle of Divine Love has not been manifested. The work is not completed, but only postponed, and it has yet to be completed, but in the second coming of Christ. However, He will not go through the use of the Jewish people, as it was earlier, in His first parish, although the One who two thousand years ago was the incarnated Jesus, will again incarnate, most likely, and it is in the Jewish body, in order to work out a joint karma with the Jews. He planned his coming into incarnation in 1980. And if the plans to externalize the Hierarchy of the Light Forces had come to fruition at the end of the last century, He would have come with his disciples and reorganized the Church on the planet.

From time immemorial, the Jews roam, bringing many beautiful things to the world and giving humanity many of its best representatives, but (at the same time) they themselves are hated and persecuted, betrayed and persecuted. Symbolically, they embody the history of mankind. The ancient tendency of the Jews to acquire and maintain their racial and national integrity is their characteristic feature. They cannot be absorbed by other Nations. They are such an ancient people that there is not a single nation in the world today that does not have its roots in this group, which has advanced so far that all its outstanding representatives have stood in the way of discipleship. There is not a single nationality in the Western world that is not a side branch of this most ancient chosen people, except the Finns, the Sami, and those with unmistakable Mongoloid features. But the admixture of what is now called Jewish blood is different for all, and modern Jews are the same byproduct as the Anglo-Saxons, although due to an artificial tendency to isolation and racial segregation, they have retained their original features in a purer form.

The fourth type of force responsible for the current state of Affairs in the world – the force belonging to the Jews – is directed and focused by them in such a way as to determine and condition the emotional reactions of the sensitive nature of humanity. Through the world community of Jews, the feeling of sympathy or antagonism that expresses love or is conditioned by hatred is gathered into a focal point and directed to the sensitive center of the Creator. Depending on whether the feeling of humanity toward the Jews will be dominant - sympathy or antagonism, love or hatred-these qualities will be assigned to the personal emotions of the Creator. Thus, the attitude of mankind to the Jews is the most important registering indicator of the evolutionary stage of all mankind as a Kingdom.

Another extremely important type of energy that is widely used by Jews is money.
Money as an instrument of Jewish power
Everyone probably knows what money is. Everyone has them, or almost everyone does, yet everyone has held them in their hands at least once in their lives. Everyone knows what money is for. Everyone knows what to do with them. At the same time, everyone's knowledge of money is different. Basically, money serves as a means of payment and accumulation, as well as a measure of value, and performs the function of world money. In General, money has many purposes, but few people think about the true source of money.

Don’t you agree, money has a certain attractive force, especially when there are a lot of them. This means that money is based on energy. Indeed, in the East they know that money is just a crystallized energy, or vitality, which is called pranic energy. This is a specification of the etheric force. So it is, when we buy a measure of grown wheat, we must know that each grain has accumulated a certain life force of the Sun, earth and water, which is called prana. In fact, the value of a product is determined by the amount of this prana, which means that money (only if it is real) is crystallized prana.

I will give an example with the sale of land plots. Once upon a time in Russia there was a so-called "Land Bank", which issued loans to landowners with their land as collateral. If you do not take into account all sorts of logistic components, the value of the mortgaged land was determined by the ability of the land to produce, or their crop capacity. It is clear that the productivity of the land was determined by the ability of the soil to process the prana of the Earth and the Sun into a biological product. It is known that there are territories on the planet that have the maximum such ability. For example, these territories include lands in California and Israel. Now, the money lent by the Land Bank represented crystallized prana in an amount equivalent to the estimated yield of the land. Of course, Bank employees had to be well versed in agricultural production and know what determines the yield of land that was given as collateral, in order to correctly determine the amount of the loan, that is, the amount of money.

What about services, the reader will ask? Indeed, prana energizes both the vegetable and animal kingdoms, but neither animals nor plants somehow use money - it is still a human invention. That's right. The main difference between the human Kingdom and all the lower kingdoms is that humanity is able to initiate the creative force – The Third force of the Creator. The creative power that a thinking person can generate is the main energy component in the implementation of services. Thus, money is a combination of the crystallized energies of prana (the very vitality that the Sun and Earth provide us with) and the creative power of humanity. Thus, the value of goods is determined by the amount of money, the amount of prana crystallized in them. However, the added value that is present in the product carries the energy of a certain creative force. This can be either the Third or Fourth force. So what is the fundamental difference between these forces?

The main difference between the Third force and the Fourth lies in the fact that the Lord of the Third force initiated by humanity is Lucifer, and among the Jews this function is performed by the Spirit of the Earth in the image of Jehovah. The Spirit of the Earth retains its power over the atomic structures on our planet that make up all the forms of the three pre-human kingdoms, as well as the physical body of man. It was the influence of the Spirit of the Earth on the creative expression of the Jews that formed the basis of the" monetization" of money. In fact, it was the Jews who first used money in trade. At first they were copper coins, but then they began to be minted from noble metals, mainly silver. It was the Jews who introduced the silver standard, which lasted until the XVI century. Silver, the symbol of the Moon, is associated with Jehovah, in contrast, for example, of gold, which is a symbol of the Sun. Any other type of surrogate – sea shells, carob seeds or Ceratonia, common throughout the Mediterranean, cocoa beans, etc. - cannot be considered money. It's just an equivalent that simplifies barter exchange.

According to the British Museum, records made by representatives of the XVIII dynasty (1550-1295 BC) indicate that coins have become a common form of price formation. Until that time, in Ancient Egypt, grain was used to pay tax dues, pay priests, trade exchanges were conducted by merchants – in other word, barter was practiced. In Egypt, the concept of money brought the Jews, when they were forced by fate into slavery. Initially, coins were made of copper, but later they were made of silver and gold. A legend has come down to us that the ancient Greeks and Romans attributed the invention of the coin to the heroes of their myths, and the Romans to the God Janus. However, in the end, all these deities symbolized Saturn. And Saturn, as you know, is a symbol of the Jewish Jehovah.

Anyhow, where the Jew did not set their foot, the money in the familiar form did not appear. For example, the Aztecs and Mayan peoples used cocoa beans as money. Until the fifteenth century, when the continent of the New World was actively being conquered by the Old World, there was no metal money on the American continent, although there was plenty of gold and silver. But there were no Jews.

Gold standard
As time went on. Those of the 108 kumaras who came from Venus, who still remained on our planet - to help the Creator express the five forces in humanity which would help to consolidate the Fifth Kingdom, the Kingdom of souls on earth - in 1400, gathered together, came to a disappointing conclusion: it turned out that the First and Second forces of the Creator cannot be actively used in humanity. After noting this state of affairs and observing humanity for the next hundred years, the Older Brothers of humanity came together again around 1500 with the goal of developing concrete actions to solve the problems that arose.

It became clear that two actions must be performed before the coming opportunities of the age of Aquarius can be used effectively. First of all, the consciousness of humanity must rise to the plane of the mind – it must expand so far as to include not only the world of emotions and feelings, but also the world of intelligence. Second, something had to be done to break down the barriers of separation, isolation, and prejudice that alienated people from each other and that they foresaw would alienate them more and more.

During the meeting the Older Brothers noted the upcoming arrival of the age of Aquarius, which will last approximately 2,500 years. If all its advantages are properly used, they will lead to the conscious unification of the human race, and thus to the appearance of what is called "scientifically proven fraternity," in contrast to the sentimental connotation that is now given to this concept.

So, this meeting marked the beginning of specific group work in clearly defined areas. These groups are divided into four main areas: cultural, political, religious, and scientific, and each group must express the truth from a certain point of view and reveal a certain aspect of knowledge of reality. They were followed by three other groups: philosophical, psychological, and financial. The cultural group led to the Renaissance, the political group to the French revolution, the founding of the United States, and political reorganization in England and Russia.

The financial group was the last of all the groups to appear, and its work is most directly planned from the internal plans by Observers, since it causes the most far-reaching consequences on earth. The first thing the financial group did was abolishing the silver standard and introducing the gold standard. Now the Third aspect, which manifests itself as a concretized energy, that is money, expressed itself literally in the form of gold, which is a manifested symbol as a result of the union of spirit and matter on the physical plane. After all, according to the concrete expression of the Law of Supply, money – the concretized energy of the third Aspect of the Creator – is manifested as a product of the mineral Kingdom, because it is formed on the physical plane by the union of spirit and matter, and gold in this case represents their fusion. The third Aspect of the Creator, the creative one, is the energy that produces the external, sensually perceived physical plane of manifestation, the formal side of life. The second Aspect of the Creator manifests itself as Sex, and Its first Aspect as Law.

The three divine aspects of the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, and the Creator – Law, Sex, and Money – give us access to the three lower realms. The law, the natural law (externalization, or external manifestation, of the subjective spiritual law), will reveal the secret of the animal Kingdom. Sex, or awareness of affinity, will reveal the secret of the vegetable kingdom. Money will reveal the secret of the mineral kingdom.

Having finally dealt with the monetary standard, the financial group approved paper money and other security derivatives. By the sixteenth century, gold was established as the standard, and silver was used as a bargaining chip. But the gold standard in the financial sector did not last long – no more than four centuries. What happened next with money, its metaphysical nature and impact on humanity today, read the next Chapter.

The Fifth force

It is also called the "Dark power", or the power of the "Black Lodge", which is the antithesis of the great White Lodge, or "Light Forces". If the White Lodge deals with the aspect of consciousness, and reveals in man his own soul, then the so-called Black Lodge deals with those processes that are directly related to a form; aspects of matter in the variety of its forms. The forces of the "Black Lodge" seek to preserve all that is old and material, and are mainly responsible for the crystallization of consciousness. They block the flow of what is new, what brings the horizon of the future closer. They strive to preserve what is old and familiar, to resist the new culture and civilization, to impose blindness on peoples, and to constantly feed existing hotbeds of hatred, separatism, criticism, and cruelty.

Materialistic forces that express the life of matter itself, its magical application, appeared on the planet in ancient times, and they were ruled by the Lords of Materiality. Since then, they have never actually left us. At first, materialistic forces were part of the evolutionary plan that matter and substance should temporarily rule, and that spirit should learn to "climb on the shoulders of matter," as the Ancient Wisdom puts it. The materialistic forces in the aggregate correspond to the sacred center of the planet dealing with the generation of forms, and their task is to maintain the planet's interest in the aspect of divine expression that represents a form. Shapes formed by the union of the negative life matter - the life of the Spirit of the Earth, which is the life of the totality of all atoms, and living the positive energy of the Creator – the intellectual substance of what is called ether, today is rejected by Orthodox science, but actually existing, and in the near future will again become visible and tangible for humans.

Two aspects of the divine Will participate in the creation and death of all forms on the planet, including the planet itself. One aspect is the will of the one who saturates the forms with life, the other is the will of the Spirit of the Earth. The Spirit of the Earth (the planetary Entity) seeks to keep all physical forms in its power, not to allow them to "dissipate". The form of any physical body – whether it is a person, the Kingdom of nature, or the planet itself - is part of the overall structure of the entire planet, consisting of living atoms that are under the control of the Earth Spirit and are part of Its life. At the same time, all forms on the planet are temporarily subject to the will of The One who animates a particular form. For example, in the case of a man, his dense physical vehicle is animated by his Soul, but at the same time his body remains an integral part of the entire atomic substance that is part of the life of the Earth Spirit.

The Spirit of the Earth has its correspondence in the man it created – it is an elemental of personality. The element of personality can be, and often is, only an imperfect force, carried away solely by desires in the absence of any true personal integration. But it can also become a highly organized and powerful factor that creates what is called a highly developed personality and an effective tool of the spiritual person in the three worlds of his evolution, when it becomes controlled by the Will of his "Father in heaven".

In addition to the personal element, man also possesses the physical elements, which have a life of their own and some kind of intelligence that we call instinctive nature, all that belongs to the physical vehicle. During the incarnated life, the physical elemental is the binding force by which the physical body retains its special form under the influence of etheric vitality. After a man's death, when his etheric body disintegrates on the ninth day, all the atoms return to the common reservoir of substance to gather again when the hour strikes.

And then under the influence of the soul and the will to translate this form from substance, already endowed with certain qualities and intense pulses of life of Spirit of the Earth. In doing so, the soul will take responsibility for its elemental form, but at the same time it will certainly limit itself to the nature of the atoms that form is made of. The atomic substance through which the spirit of the Earth manifests itself always carries the "seeds of return" that make reverse absorption possible. This substance also consists of matter of all gradations and qualities, from the grossest to the most subtle, such as the quality that made possible the appearance of the Buddha or Christ. The Lord of the Earth, the planetary Logos, cannot find a substance animated by the Spirit of the Earth that has sufficiently pure qualities and nature and is therefore unable to materialize or appear like Christ and Buddha.

When a man connects two aspects of life and two kinds of will, or purpose: the higher, the evolutionary aspect of life – the will of the Lord of the Earth, and the lower aspect of life – involution on nature – Spirit of the Earth, it leads to conflict, because one form of energy is evolutionary and the other involutionary. It is these conflicting forces that present the problem of duality – the duality of the higher and the lower in many different gradations. In humans, this final phase of conflict breaks out and is worked out when the Guardian of the Threshold and the Angel of Presence meet face to face. The Guardian of the Threshold is defined as a set of forces of the lower nature of man, expressed in the person. The guardian embodies all the psychic and mental forces that have been revealed and nurtured in man for centuries. The Guardian of the Threshold is everything that a person is without taking into account the higher spiritual Self. He is the one who "stands before the gates of God", who lives in the shadow of the portal of initiation, who sees firsthand the Angel of Presence, the messenger of Christ Himself.

When the angel and the Guardian come face to face, the conflict between involutional and evolutionary life erupts. Now the "Father in heaven", which is the human monad, begins to express the Will with such dynamic power that the will of the atomic substance, which contains the life of the spirit of the Earth, is completely neutralized. Now a person is no longer bound by karmic ties, and he completes the cycle of samsara. He no longer needs to come to Earth. Unless it's just to help your fellow humans on a mission.

The Essence Of Evil
Here we need to make an explanation. Materialistic forces themselves do not express either good or evil. As I wrote above, their main function is to express the life of matter itself, its magical application. On the basis of the existing fundamental dualities (spirit-matter, light-darkness, consciousness-form) one of the most important laws operates in the entire Universe. The essence of the law is this: in objective expression, within any duality, a conflict of opposites is initiated, constantly expanding, but ultimately leading to harmony. In fact, this is the essence of evolution, but still not its goal. When in conflict, fundamental pairs do not form either good or evil. Evil occurs only when there is consciousness - an attribute of the soul, or a son who gives birth from the interaction (spiritual marriage) of spirit and matter, Father and mother. And then, in the resulting duality, consciousness-form, or soul-body, is formed - not related to the fundamental duality: good–evil.
The domination of spirit (and its reflection, soul) by matter is what constitutes evil. Evil arises in the process of countering the forces of evolution, the forces of good.

In this pair (good–evil), there is no conflict of opposites that leads to harmony, as in the case of fundamental dualities. Good and evil, in their essence, cannot be in harmony in principle. Evil must be overcome by good and disappear – what kind of harmony is it?! It turns out that any body of manifestation of its soul – whether it is a human body or a body of manifestation of the Solar system – carries the seeds of both evil and good. The source of good in this case will be the soul, the aspect of the Son, that the body with Life and gives consciousness. In this case, evil forms the aspect of the Mother, the body (flesh), matter. So, once there was an "original sin", a symbol of the eternal evil that lurks in any baby. Of course, the baby itself is in no way capable of doing evil. However, he will certainly do it in life – unconsciously. This is what Jesus said about them: "Father! forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." [23: 34]

Indeed, how could they know that they had crucified Christ Himself? Yes, they had intelligence, moderately developed intelligence, and self-awareness. But their souls took no part in their earthly life. That is why their mind was not in the light (of the soul), matter formed the intellect, and the light of matter created an illusion. The same picture can be observed in the animal Kingdom, because there is no evil in it at all. Nor is there any evil in the fifth Kingdom, which follows the human Kingdom. Neither the pre-human kingdoms of nature, nor the kingdoms that follow the human, have a soul that gives self-consciousness to man. The mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms do not express evil – because they have not reached the stage of evolution when self-consciousness is attained. The realms of nature, which occupy the highest stage of evolution after the human one, also do not have a Soul, or a Son of the mind, because in the course of a long evolution its death also occurs, and then man is no longer a man – he is a superman, an adept, a spiritual being.

Only a person is given the right to do evil, so that through the experience of incarnations, in the end, he could recognize it, and the mission is assigned to him to resist evil, fight evil and defeat it. But, as you have understood, it is not enough to do this with the intellect alone, it needs the light of the soul to distinguish evil. This light should not come from the Son of the Min, the human Soul, but from the divine Soul, the Spiritual triad, as it is called in metaphysics, the same One that "... is Christ in you, the hope of glory" [Col. 1: 27]. The evil that a person does unconsciously is generalized by the word "devil". In fact, this is a fictional character who, as a concept, combines some "evil forces" – the very thing that an ignorant person calls sin. For such a person, the devil is an enemy, like the spiritual Antichrist, who is the enemy of God, who is fighting with the Supreme.

However, God has no enemies, there is only a lost and suffering humanity, still only half-aroused in its soul, dimly feeling the vision and struggling to escape from the slavery of the past with its objects of vicious loyalty and reckless devotion to their own once created idols. The devil is there where there is ignorance and laziness of mind, the devil is there where there is no common sense, the devil is there where deception rules the world, the devil is in the heart of stone. In the end, the diabolical forces of evil are only stable ancient ideals and habits of thought that have long served their purpose, bringing modern humanity to the current level of development. These forces will certainly disappear in the near future, when the times of a New era come, but humanity itself must make an effort to do this and direct it (effort) in the right direction.

The devil is a human creation, which means that he is associated with a Third force. The Lord of the Third power is Lucifer, but the devil only manifests when there is a lower expression of Lucifer's power – the power of Satan. This is why the devil is often identified with Satan, but this is not true. Satan is a real angelic entity whose power stimulates the human mind in its lowest expression. The devil is a human illusion created by his mind. When the forces of Lucifer begin to dominate a person, the world of the higher mind opens to him, and then the concrete (lower) mind is filled with the Light of the Spiritual Triad (Christ in you), the illusion disappears, and with it the devil disappears.

And yet at this time on earth there is an Evil that is extremely active and powerful, which is not considered a product of man, and therefore cannot be considered a devil. The source of this evil Is not on our planet or even in our Solar system. This is an Evil of Cosmic origin. There is no need to speculate about Its true origin, thus fueling the interest of still immature minds. I can only add: this Evil is personified, and its exponents are the Hierarchy of Evil Forces, or just Dark Brothers.

To date, the Fifth force has ceased to be just a materialistic force responsible for shaping everything that exists on the planet. Today, this force is "saddled" by the forces of Evil, because materialistic forces are the path of least resistance for expressing not only planetary Evil, but also Cosmic evil Forces. I would like to point out that humanity will never be able to cope with this force, and therefore the responsibility for its destruction falls entirely on the Hierarchy of Light Forces, and it fights them, although with varying success.

The forces of Evil use the human mind, and then the mind directs human activity in the right direction for them. Since the human mind is involved in virtually all areas of activity, so it turns out that the forces of Evil have penetrated where there is human activity – in fact, they are everywhere. Nevertheless, money was chosen as the main instrument of their own expression of the power of Evil, because money is the product of human creativity, the power of Kundalini. Having made a bet on money, the Brothers of Darkness tried to make money penetrate into all corners of human activity, where there was never any money before. Money rules the world today. Money is everywhere: in politics, in ideology, in art, in science, in religion (and lots of it!), in medicine, in sports. Where are they not? Even a person's life today depends on money.

I will outline the real picture of how the Dark Brothers assert themselves today through the divine essence of money, and for this purpose I will resort to the science of metaphysics.

Metaphysical essence of money
For a long time, money remained an instrument of the Fourth, Jewish power, ... as well as magic. They were assisted in magic by The Spirit of the Earth, who presented himself to them as Jehovah. The Jews introduced a silver equivalent in money that lasted until the sixteenth century, which the financial group of the Hierarchy of Light Forces replaced with a gold standard that lasted almost four centuries.

Gold, as a standard, symbolically expressed a specific substantiality that filled money with some hidden attractive energy of the Creator, thus giving them a real price. Therefore, gold became a symbol and at the same time the equivalent of the value component of any product or service, and coins minted from gold bullion turned into money, the value of which was determined by the amount of gold in them. It was gold that became the target of the Dark Brothers. Having replaced the divine essence of gold in money, replacing it with its own energy of materialistic forces, it becomes possible to take control of money. This was done.

When the dark, materialistic forces were defeated in the World war in 1943, they quickly regrouped. They changed the focus of their influence from the political component of human activity in favor of its financial sphere and took control of money. They set a specific goal: to displace gold from the position of the monetary standard, turning it into a common commodity. Define the US dollar as the standard. But the question arose: how to provide the dollar itself? After all, it was necessary to endow the dollar with a certain substantiality, hidden by the attractive energy of matter itself. And such power was found. The Dark Brothers attracted the materialistic forces of the Demonic Hierarchy. Here is what Yu. M. Osipov, doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Center for Social Sciences at Moscow State University, writes about this unknown force:
"Power from nowhere" is the power of nothingness, non-existence, the power of the abyss, the power of negation and destruction as such. And the subjects of these infernal spheres are ghosts and demons, who, through the activation of historically overcome forces of unconsciousness, irrationality and senselessness, have long dominated people and their rulers, who naively believe that all events are created by them, their consciousness and mind. They do not know what they are doing, because they do not know about those who are doing it, and what these unknown subjects are doing to them.

Further, Yuri Osipov believes that this power is necessary:
"...for the fulfillment of some mysterious super-task.". <...> This same "power from nowhere" destroys the political and state sovereignty of all modern Nations, along with the Nations themselves.
"Power from nowhere" rules by means of some unknown concepts, knowledge that incommensurably surpass the quality of consciousness and mind of the governed. And this dominating knowledge refers primarily to the understanding of nothing itself; in this knowledge, nothing appears to its adepts, closing the light of thought for them and opening their minds to the secret forces of thoughtlessness and madness.
It is the one who has a better and deeper understanding of the destructive essence of nothing, who is more active in its black mysteries, who uses the potential of its darkness more fully for power purposes. At the phenomenal anthropological level, this power of nothing is exercised through the instincts of hedonism, the aggression of the unconscious (chaos), and the thoughtlessness of irrationality.

But who is supposed to be the hidden subject of "power from nowhere"?

- asks N. B. Shulevskyi, doctor of philosophy. n., Prof. of the Department of Philosophy of the Humanities of the faculty of philosophy of Moscow State University, in his article "Metaphysics of sovereignty". Infernal entity belonging to the highest angelic rank, Seraphims. It does not have a dense body of manifestation, yet it exists, and has a name – Sam Gold – since any forces of the infernal world are personified. Sam Gold’s activity is aimed at managing people and their rulers through money. To do this, the divine essential component of money, expressed by gold, was eliminated with the replacement for the power of Sam Gold.

For an ordinary person, Mr. Gold is the essence of the unknown world. And yet the mention of it seeped into the consciousness of the human brain. For example, it is mentioned in the film "Revolver" (France, 2005) directed by guy Ritchie.

The chronology of events is as follows: After the end of the world war, the US dollar becomes the main international currency, established by the Bretton Woods agreements, becoming effective in December 1945. Under these agreements, the currencies of 44 countries were tightly linked to the US dollar, and the dollar to gold. In August 1971, the US announced the temporary suspension of the convertibility of the dollar into gold, and Sam Gold became the only energy filling the monetary system. Gold is no longer a measure of the value of money. This symbolically means the complete exclusion of filling money with the divine quality of "Light Forces". They were replaced by the forces of materialism, personified by Sam Gold. Now the cost of goods (especially for the main world goods) and services was not determined through the ratio of supply and demand, but was dictated by Sam Gold through the forces that are the energy component of money. Since the US dollar was chosen as the object of influence, it became the world's leading currency, through which Mr. Gold operates with the forces of money and the energy of matter itself.

Sam Gold exercises its power directly through money. Money itself is neither evil nor good, just an instrument of the influence of the forces of materialism. The Dark Brothers created a so-called "Consumer idea" for humanity, which in each country is transformed into a corresponding ideology. Consumer ideology, in turn, stimulates selfishness in a person, a craving for everything material, which culminated in hedonism, as well as a complete denial of the spiritual principle in a person. Money and selfishness are mainly at the heart of the current disastrous situation.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia became its successor, including the successor of the influence of materialistic forces. Sam Gold now manages not only Finance in Russia, but also industry, as well as shaping politics and morality in the country. It was his forceful influence that guided those who wrote the country's Constitution. His strength and power stood behind the group of seven bankers, who was appointed the first President.

Russia will not be able to get out of the influence of the Dark Forces acting through Sam Gold – today it is the most powerful force on the planet. His power is supported by the non-systemic forces, coming from one of the constellations of space. These forces are directed mainly to the formation of false values in the humanity of the planet. Today, materialist forces are taking revenge for the defeat in 1943. They began to act more subtly, trying not to destroy material forms. By introducing false values into people's minds, these forces are aimed at dividing peoples, dividing States, removing idealistic views from human consciousness, and focusing scientific thought only on the world of phenomena, cutting off other worlds. We stop talking about the soul, we have already stopped appealing to our conscience and discussing morality. Economic expediency becomes the measure of everything, of all human life.

Since the eyes of all mankind are directed to Russia, through which salvation must come, Sam Gold's efforts are focused and directed there today. His main task is to continue the disintegration of the country. And he will do it. The true goal of the Dark Brothers is to prevent Russia from carrying out its own mission: to express the divine Will on the planet. To do this, they need full, total control over the country. They are trying to implement this control in three directions: the separation of Chechnya according to the Kosovo scenario with further division into national republics; the elimination of nuclear weapons; full jurisdiction of international companies over the Russian subsoil.

When Vladimir Putin became President for the first time, he tried to get out from under the influence of Sam Gold. He started correctly by searching for a national idea. While the search process was going on, "Light Forces" helped him. Putin managed to actually terminate the "production sharing" agreement with the United States. But he could do no more. His entourage was mired in corruption, and the elite focused on the false values of greed and outright hedonism. In addition, the search for the nation idea failed, and soon he had to give up this task.

It is naive to believe that the election of another President of the country will change something. It will simply replace one elite with another, which, of course, will not solve anything for Russia – Sam Gold also controls this process. Having corrupted the current government to the limit, Sam Gold exercises its absolute control. A stealing official is a tool by which the Dark Forces manage to manipulate the current government. Now, if there is a change of elite (and it will happen), the former elite will share their wealth with the new elite, because they will quickly realize that it is much better to lose some of it than to lose all of it. And the new elite will start doing all the same things that the current government is concerned about today - stealing. This is the reality, because this is the guiding action initiated by the forces of Sam Gold. There are few who can resist its forces. First, one needs to be aware of this, and really understand who and what they are dealing with. Secondly, we must rely on and enlist the support of Those Who can overcome the influence of the forces and energies of the Dark Lodge. Unfortunately, the situation is such that Its power here and now on the planet is stronger than the influence of the Planetary Hierarchy of "Light Forces".

However, Russia will be able to get out of the influence of those who enter the Dark Lodge only by standing under the Divine Will. It's easy to say, but how can it be done? Russia needs a national idea, a leader who will help refocus national consciousness: from the material to the divine; from the personal to the community; from darkness to light. Thus, by creating a new mental aspiration, a "channel" will be built through which the revelation of God's Purpose in relation to Russia will come. The response to God's Goal initiates the Will of God, which will be guided by Russia. Russia's mission will be fulfilled, correct relations with all nations will be established, and then the forces of Sam Gold will be replaced with divine energies. Money will return the lost divine content.

In total:
The current political picture of the world is called a unipolar world and is managed through money. The essence of the unipolar world that the Americans lead is that they totally control the world through political tools that also work with Russia. The recently existing two-polar world was replaced by the so-called "Washington consensus", a type of macroeconomic policy that was recommended by the IMF and world Bank management at the end of the XX century. It may not seem improbable, but with this type of macroeconomic policy, the United States began to establish hegemony on the planet. Although consensus means agreement, it is actually a set of recommendations from the IMF and the world Bank. And then there is the choice of the state to agree or not. In a broad sense, the term "Washington consensus" is used to describe a number of measures aimed at strengthening the role of market relations and reducing the role of the public sector. There is a list of the top 10 recommendations of the "Washington consensus»:
  • maintaining fiscal discipline (minimum budget deficit);
  • prioritization of health, education, and infrastructure among public expenditures;
  • reduction of marginal tax rates;
  • liberalizing financial markets to maintain the real interest rate on loans at a low, but still positive level;
  • free exchange rate of the national currency;
  • liberalization of foreign trade (mainly by reducing import duty rates);
  • reducing restrictions on foreign direct investment;
  • privatization;
  • deregulation of the economy;
  • protection of property rights.

The US has adopted the dollar as its main policy tool. Since then, you can forget about any agreements in the sphere of world politics. And what agreements can there be with Evil? I think it's a rhetorical question.

If evolutionary forces are directed at integration and cooperation, then involutional, materialistic, forces serve the processes of division and work through competition.

Today, the powerful forces of Evil acting through the Fifth force work as separators and actively counteract the integrating forces of good will. And although the Fifth force, whose masters are materialistic forces, still has its own development – because thanks to them, humanity has rapidly achieved significant material comfort and scientific progress (what for lack of better term is called modernism and what I will certainly write below) - but the Fifth force, of course, must be taken under control of the spiritual component of the fundamental pair: spirit-matter. Unfortunately, the consciousness of humanity is not yet sufficiently developed to exercise this control. Only representatives of the Hierarchy of Light Forces are able to do this, and it is for this purpose that they attempted to implement externalization at the end of the last century. But without success.

They were opposed by powerful involutional forces that operate on the planet through a group of six Eastern and six Western leaders. They act by creating an obsession and stimulating the lower psychic faculties, their activity is directed to division and works through competition. The main object of their attacks is the incarnated world group of disciples and initiates of the Hierarchy of Light Forces.

The liberation of the world will ultimately come through the rebirth of money and a change in the attitude of man towards it. If this does not happen, then a terrible situation will arise; money (as we know it) will disappear from the face of the earth, and the problem will have to be solved in another way – through Divine intervention.

The Second force

This is the force initiated by the Love of the Creator. The power of this force forms a Plan for the whole humanity.

The emergence of the Second force on our planet is interesting. On one hand, this power (the power of the Creator's Plan) has existed since his incarnation on our planet. However, it was only after the coming of Christ that it really became manifested in humanity. Initially, the Second force was concentrated in the minds of those Venusian messengers who had come to help carry out the plans of the Lord. In the Chapter about the "Third force" I have already written about the Temple of Ibitza, which was established by the Kumars who arrived on Earth at that time, led by Sanat Kumara. Among the arrivals was a group of Lucifer - the day of the dawn, as the Bible says of Him: "How you fell from the sky, day of the dawn, son of the dawn! crashed on the ground, which didst weaken the Nations..." [ISA. 14:12]. The other members of the Brotherhood were given positions of managers of evolutionary processes in the three kingdoms in all areas of nature. Another word, this is how the Hierarchy of the Brothers of Light was born on the planet, which is still actively involved in all key processes.

Most of the Brothers of Light, scattered around the world, live in different places among different people, remaining unrecognized and unknown. Yet there is a place on the planet where the Hierarchical Center is physically located, and this place has never changed in the 18 million years since the founding of the White Brotherhood on the planet. In ancient books, this place is called "White Island", and it is located in the Gobi desert in the Himalayas. However, do not rush to the pilgrimage – you will not find anything there. And the existing methods of observing the Earth's surface from satellites will not give anything. The fact is that this center exists in etheric matter, which has no less density than ordinary objective matter, and when the human race on Earth develops etheric vision, its location will be established, and its reality will be recognized. By the way, the emergence of the ability of people to have etheric vision should have begun at the end of the last century. But here's why it didn't happen – I will certainly explain, read on.

On the other hand, the White Brotherhood (the guardian of the Creator's Plans) needs to have those who will implement these Plans. There was an urgent need for the fourth Kingdom – humanity. When the messengers from Venus arrived on Earth, the third Kingdom of nature, the animal Kingdom, reached a relatively high stage of development, and animal man ruled the Earth. It was a being endowed with a powerful physical body, a slightly coordinated sensory vehicle, or body of sensations and feelings, and the sprout of the mind, which he inherited along with the matter from which his bodies are built. This matter (from the previous Solar system) already had the qualities of Manas (mind). The goal of the previous Solar system was the matter to develop thinking capacity, just as the goal of our current Solar system is that thinking matter should become self-conscious.

Of course, left to himself for many tens and hundreds of millions of years, animal man would eventually step over to the next stage of evolution, from the animal Kingdom to the human, and become a self-conscious, functional, rational entity, but there was no question of any creativity. Because creativity is revealed in man as a result of response to the divine Plan, and this man should not be just a conscious entity – for example, Australian and African Bushmen, widow Ceylon and far Eastern Ainu, expressing the mass consciousness, he needs to step to the next level of individual consciousness, to become a person. Then, in order to speed up evolution, the angels of Lucifer took up the task. They accelerated the mental rebirth of man, embodying in him the Third force of the Creator, which began to be expressed in man as creativity.

Time went on. A succession of races and sub-races followed, and human consciousness was gradually formed and evolved. In the Atlantean era, souls from the Lunar Chain, who had been in Pralaya for a long time, began to incarnate. Their more developed consciousness was significantly different from that of people who had recently become individualized (several million years ago). It became possible to open the door and join the ranks of the White Brotherhood. Students and Teachers began to appear, and the first degrees of initiation appeared. Among the first to receive initiation at that time were the disciples who later became incarnated and are known to us as Gautama Buddha and Christ. The first received individualization in the Lunar chain, and Christ - directly on Earth in the Lemurian era. Later, in the Aryan era, the Buddha headed the Hierarchy of Light Forces. Expressing the wisdom of the Creator, the Buddha taught that God is Light and showed us the path of enlightenment. Buddha is a spiritual leader, in whose honor the great spiritual festival Vesak is celebrated in the East. This holiday is related to the full moon in Taurus. This is a great Eastern holiday that is already being recognized in the West. The Buddha manifested Himself as an expression of the Will of God and became the embodiment of Light and an indicator of the Divine Purpose.

Christ replaced his Brother as head of the Hierarchy of the Light Forces just after the famous events that began two thousand years ago in Palestine. He remains at the head of the White Brotherhood to this day, and is likely to remain there until his Second coming, which was planned for the end of the twentieth century, but did not take place for many reasons, which I will certainly tell you later. And if Buddha was and remains the spiritual leader of the East, then Christ is the spiritual leader of the West, who revealed to us the Love of God and demonstrated by his own example the service on Earth that God is Love. In honor of Christ, the great spiritual holiday of Easter is celebrated in the West. This is a celebration of the risen, living Christ, The head of the Hierarchy of Light Forces, the Founder of the Kingdom of God and the expression of God's Love. This holiday corresponds to the first spring full moon in Aries. When Christ completes his Second coming, he will leave the post of Head of the Hierarchy of Light Forces and take a higher position in the hierarchy of Ministers, just as the Buddha did earlier. Perhaps, even together with the Buddha, he will leave our Earth. Many who read these lines even know the name of the one who will succeed Christ as head of the Hierarchy. No, it will not be Jesus, but another. Jesus will remain as the head of the religious Department in the Hierarchy structure, and he will also remain the mentor of a very advanced Disciple – Mahomet, the founder of the youngest religion.

Christ was the first representative of earthly humanity to reach the ultimate goal. He developed so rapidly that in Atlantean times he, like Buddha, found himself on the path of Trials. The Buddha, having come into incarnation from the Lunar chain (and before that was in the state that is called "Pralaya" in metaphysics), entered the path of Trials a little before his Brother Christ. From the point of view of evolution, the rapid development of Christ was completely unprecedented. There has never been a second such case in the history of earth's humanity, although today there are people on the planet who are beginning to develop just as quickly now, but this is a completely different acceleration. Many of today's students have come to the present earth evolution from the Lunar chain, where they have already been given much. They have not reached their present level of spiritual unfoldment on our planet. When earthly humanity first entered its own consciousness, which was in the Lemurian era, Christ was with them, but His rapid growth remains unique to this day.

In a few million years, the Lemurian epoch passed through all its seven stages, or subraces, of development – from individualization to the acquisition of mass consciousness by man – and after its completion, the Atlantean times came. By that time, civilization had already reached incredible heights of material well-being and technical capabilities that we never dreamed of today and that we can not even imagine. But in their quest for material possession, the advanced part of humanity began to use magic - black magic. It was in the Atlantean era that the division into "white" and "black" magic took place. Behind one stood the Hierarchy of Light Forces, behind the other the Dark Brothers.

The confrontation intensified when the Dark Brothers began to use the techniques of transmigration of consciousness, which today have come down to us in the form of practices of "voodoo magic". Time after time, by transferring the consciousness of their own decrepit flesh into the flesh of another person, the adepts of black magic achieved continuity of consciousness, which actually achieved immortality. Only the human soul has immortality and continuity of consciousness, but the adepts of the left path interfered with the activity of human souls, removing them from the direct control of their own bodies of manifestation, which hindered their evolution and caused significant harm to the Solar system. After all, the evolution of our Solar system is the evolution of consciousness, which is carried by human souls. As a result, the Senior members of the Hierarchy of the sixth degree of initiation were forced to intervene, and in order to stop the spread of evil on the planet, it was decided to interrupt the evolution of everything on the planet, exposing it to complete flooding.

And when the last waves of the Atlantic flood subsided (it happened almost a million years ago) the time came for the Aryan race, which is now at the peak of its evolutionary development. Having passed its own maximum in the current, fifth subrace, humanity has thrown a bridge from mass consciousness to individual consciousness, so that today's humanity has gained the ability to fully express creativity, becoming an active tool for the implementation of the Creator's Plans. Although the majority of mankind still unconsciously embody the creative forces, there are still ministers who are aware of the Creator's Plans. These include missionaries, prophets, and some philosophers. Those who are aware of the Creator's Plans are distinguished from the General mass by an important feature – their activity is always aimed at fulfilling the mission of their soul, because it is the soul that knows the Plan. However, there are few such people, most often they are unknown to the General public, even more often they work behind the veil, being in the etheric body or on other planes of existence of the four-dimensional space.

The Creator's plan is a projection of his Goal at a specific time into a specific space or territory. It is clear that the Plan can be adjusted through feedback, and this requires conscious creative ministers. The creativity used by a minister to advance the Creator's Plan is the expression of his Second force, which is expressed by man as love-wisdom. Today, Christ is its ruler. For the first time, this force was demonstrated to humanity by Jesus when he preached in Palestine, and it was through him that this force began to flow into humanity from Christ, which means that the Plan was being implemented. Also, the meeting of the Elder Brothers of the race, which took place later, after a Millennium and a half, was of great importance in the fate of mankind. At that meeting, huge changes were planned in the fate of all mankind, primarily related to the beginning of the Hierarchy of Light Forces exit from behind the veil and its externalization here on the planet.

When, in the Atlantean epoch, it was decided to arrange a world flood on Earth, the Hierarchy decided to completely withdraw behind the veil into the space of etheric matter. Since then, its outpost led by Christ resides there, in the Gobi desert, and its adherents - in the town of Shigadze in the Tibetan highlands (today it is the territory of China).

And now, almost a million years later, the Hierarchy of Light Forces has made an attempt to reappear on Earth and this time on the physical plane to secure its own Outpost, so that:
– to found upon earth (as has already been indicated) a powerhouse of such potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity—as a whole—can be a factor in the solar system, bringing about changes and events of a unique nature in the planetary life and lives (and therefore in the system itself) and inducing an interstellar activity.
– to develop a station of light, through the medium of the fourth kingdom in nature, which will serve not only the planet, and not only our particular solar system, but the seven systems of which ours is one.  This question of light, bound up as it is with the colours of the seven rays, is as yet an embryo science, and it would be useless for us to enlarge upon it here.
– to set up a magnetic centre in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls will, united or at-oned, be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the developed Lives within the radius of the radiance of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.
The Tibetan

The first attempt to externalize the Hierarchy on Earth was made two thousand years ago, when Jesus incarnated in the Jewish body, in order to revive the Second force of the Creator embodied in his Teacher Christ in the consciousness of mankind as love-wisdom, which is the sublimation of the intellect with intuition, higher and lower minds, and all this in fusion with Divine Love, in cooperation with the Plan of the Creator.

The mission was assigned to the Jews, because they presented a ready-made tool with which to carry out the process of transmutation of emotional energies into the energy of love. The Jews then did not accept the Messiah in the form of Jesus, and humanity eventually expressed hatred for the Jews. The transmutation of the energy of desires and passions into love was not realized. The hierarchical group, whose focus was Christ behind a veil, failed to complete the planned work of establishing the Fifth Spiritual Kingdom on the planet. The focus of the efforts of the Planetary Hierarchy of Light Forces was transferred to another place, to Italy, and then to Europe, and then spread to the planet in the consciousness of mankind in the form of a Christian religious tradition. Since then, the Second force of the Creator has expressed itself in the human family in the form of religion. But this will not always be the case. The Christian religion very quickly fades away in connection with the passing of the age of Pisces and the impending new age of Aquarius, which carries the seeds of a completely new, hitherto unknown to mankind religion, based no longer on the Love of God, but on the expression of His Divine Will.
For the first time in human history, the love of God was embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression of divine love is still in the making; the world is not yet full of love and few there are that understand the true meaning of the word. …But, factually, love has never yet been expressed—except by the Christ.
The Tibetan

I deliberately repeated this quote, already previously given in the section about the Fourth force, but it is also very useful here. There I described the Jewish mission in more detail and the reasons for its failure.

When in 1500 the members of The Hierarchy of the Light forces came together to work out and agree on plans related to the change of epochs and the coming age of Aquarius, it was decided to take advantage of this favorable opportunity. The meeting also decided to start preparing for the arrival of Christ on Earth at the end of the twentieth century. That meeting initiated specific group work in clearly defined areas, which led to the creation of four groups: cultural, political, religious, and scientific, each group having to express the truth from a certain point of view and reveal a certain aspect of knowledge of reality. Cultural and political groups were the first to start working. The result of the vigorous activity of one was expressed in the emergence of the Renaissance, the other led to the political reorganization of the whole of Europe, America and Great Britain, and, perhaps, the whole world.

The religious group, which included Martin Luther, J. Calvin, W. Zwingli, and F. Melanchthon, first took up the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church. They formed the classical theology, which revealed its main principles: Sola Scriptura ("only Scripture"), Sola fide ("only by faith"), Sola gratia ("only by grace"), Solus Christus ("only Christ"), Soli Deo gloria ("only glory to God"). On these five principles, dogmatic and practical theology was later formed.

Sola Scriptura – the doctrine that the Bible is the only divinely inspired and authentic word of the Lord, the only source of Christian doctrines, clear and self-interpreted. The Sola Scriptura doctrine actually canonizes the Bible, asserting it as an instrument of God by which he comes to man. I believe that in this case we mean the immanent God, not the Creator, the transcendent God.

Sola fide – the doctrine that forgiveness can only be obtained by faith, regardless of good deeds and acts. The essence of the doctrine is based on the fact that faith is more important than good deeds. Faith necessarily develops into firm faith, which is necessarily transformed into knowledge. But good deeds do not always lead to "Paradise", because good deeds from evil ones can only be distinguished by wisdom. This is why Protestants do not devalue good works, but they deny their significance as a source or condition for the salvation of the soul.

Sola gratia – the doctrine that salvation comes only as God's grace, as undeserved mercy, and not as something deserved by the sinner. This means that salvation is an undeserved gift from God for Jesus ' sake. If we remember that salvation refers to the soul, the meaning of the doctrine is clearly explained by the quote from the gospel of Matthew "he who saves his soul will lose it; and he who loses his soul for My sake will save it" [Matt. 10: 39]. A person should not even think about some kind of salvation, especially about the salvation of the soul. This is the prerogative of God, who sent it into incarnation as an instrument of creation. And then the human soul creates its own instrument - the person, and it is not its business to talk about some kind of salvation.

Solus Christus – the doctrine that Christ is the only mediator between God and man and that salvation is possible only through faith in Him. The doctrine proclaims an immanent God in every human being, claiming him as the only guide for the seeker to know the Creator – the transcendent God. "Know thyself, and thou shalt know the gods and the universe" is the message of the Spartan Chilo to all thinkers, philosophers, metaphysicians – to all aspirants who have embarked on the path of trials, to all who have a firm intention to enter the Light of Life. But what does "know yourself" mean? No, it is not the study of one's own bodily structure, it is the knowledge of man, the true man, incarnated in the flesh of Christ. Because "... Christ is in you, the hope of glory" - we read in the "Epistles of the Apostle Paul", and this is absolutely true! But who knows how to reach the immanent God with one's own consciousness? Buddha, the spiritual leader of the East, who once became the embodiment of Light and a pointer to the Divine Goal, he told us about the science of building the Antahkarana - the rainbow bridge that connects the worlds of man, soul and God in the human mind.

Soli Deo gloria – the doctrine that a person should honor and worship only God, since salvation is granted only through His will and actions. The doctrine directly links the Will of the Creator with the activity of man, which will always be directed to the implementation of His Plans. In general, this is exactly what the Gospel of Luke says: "... not My will, but Your will be done" [LK. 22:42]. The doctrine is simple and clear, but only for those who have a human soul conscious in the incarnation. For those who have "sleeping" souls, most likely, they will repeat about the freedom of will of choice and all that. But I don't write for them.

Preparation for the Second coming of Christ
And now the long-awaited twentieth century has come, a time of unprecedented changes in the history of mankind. And all because the second half of the century was planned for the appearance of the Teacher of all Teachers, Christ Himself, and therefore immediately after the end of the world war, intensified preparations for this event began. For this purpose, in 1922, the Lusis Trust Fund was founded in the United States, later accredited to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and cooperating with the United Nations in the framework of the “World Goodwill" program, and the Arcane School was opened with headquarters in London, New York and Geneva. This had to be done so that the souls who come into incarnation, when their personalities reach adulthood, could undergo esoteric training and reveal the continuity of consciousness in themselves. On the basis of the Arcana School, a so-called New group of World Ministers was formed (by the way, it still works today). This group was directly involved in preparing for the coming of Christ. Two more groups were formed: the "Good Will" group and the "Triangles" group. These groups are still active today. For example, the "Triangles" group is engaged in a special meditation aimed at clearing the planetary aura, building a network of light around the world through a meditative connection.

The London headquarters closed in on the students of the entire British Empire, the new York headquarters served the countries of the American continent, and Geneva took over the European continent, including the USSR. The school operates on the principle of distance learning, by correspondence. The school formed the teaching process in accordance with the methodology given by the Teachers of the Planetary Hierarchy, which is headed by Christ. Some groups even made straight telepathic contact directly with their teacher mentors. They received direct instructions and guidance to prepare for the coming of Christ. However, not everything was so smooth. Immediately, there were problems with the Soviet Union.

Of course, souls were also incarnated on the territory of the USSR, which were assigned certain tasks related to the preparation for the Second coming of Christ. They had to have continuity of consciousness, and for this purpose it was necessary to form certain cells in the structure of the brain that could perceive subjective worlds. This could be achieved by using metaphysics, regular reading of spiritual literature, and most importantly, training in the Arcane School. But what Arcane School?! The USSR has already raised the iron curtain. Metaphysics was declared a pseudoscience, and reading spiritual literature was considered a criminal offense. Only after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, several students were able to start their studies first at the London headquarters, and immediately after 2000, the Russian Desk in Geneva started working. But this is today. And what at that time?.. At that time, the Soviet intelligentsia was hammering scientific communism into its own head, thereby crystallizing its own brains, and most of the embodied human souls were unable to prepare their guides for the mission assigned to them. This was the same Soviet intelligentsia that was literally cut off from oxygen, not allowing them to fully reveal their own nature of the soul embodied in them, on the way to gaining continuity of consciousness. As a result, people did not understand the meaning of their lives and committed suicide, rotted in mental hospitals, got drunk, and completely degraded. I opened only a small crack and let in the light, demonstrating the seriousness of the Hierarchy of Light Forces in preparing for the coming of Christ.

The Second force forms in humanity a response to the Creator's Plans, and they were quite real. Plan Keepers have feedback from humanity, and because of this connection They take into account, within certain limits, the free choice of human will, so the Plan can be adjusted. By the beginning of the 30s of the last century, the Plan was actually rolled out, and the main emphasis in it was on the formation of a new approach in science, and first of all, the fundamental concepts about the nature of matter had to change, which would mark a New Century. Two apparently different ideas about the nature of the atom had to be established, which would serve to discover the energies that (by acting on atoms and atomic forms) produce tangible concrete forms. It was necessary to demonstrate the truth of some of the basic assumptions of Timeless Wisdom, stating that:
  • The soul is a formative principle that causes attraction and connectedness.
  • The soul is an aspect or type of energy that differs from the type of matter itself.
  • The atom is recognized as an energy unit, but the energy that connects the atoms together (for example, molecules), which can already be attributed to organisms and forms, will not yet be allocated. It is this type of energy – the energy of the form building aspect of manifestation – that is the source of all magical work; it is this energy in the various realms of nature that creates forms, images, types, and differences that characterize and distinguish the myriad forms through which life itself manifests. It is the quality of this energy that generates the entire number of forms.
  • This type of energy, which creates images, forms, and connected organisms in all the realms of nature, is not a vital principle. The vital principle will remain undiscovered and unrecognized until the soul, or quality-determining principle, the builder of forms, is studied, recognized, and in turn investigated.
  • This will be possible only when a person comes into full conscious possession of his divine heritage and, working as a soul and controlling his mechanism (physical, emotional, mental), can work consciously in contact with the soul in all forms. This will be possible only when humanity accepts this hypothesis, recognizes it as probable, and tries to demonstrate the presence of the soul hidden behind the structure or body of manifestation.

Humanity was to make three great discoveries that would revolutionize modern thinking and life over the next two generations (starting in 1934).

One of these discoveries is the energy of the atom. It was supposed to completely change the economic and political situation in the world. The current mechanical civilization would be simplified, and then an era would come, free from the burden of money (from the possession or non-possession of it), and the human family would universally recognize its status as the connecting Kingdom between the three lower kingdoms of nature and the fifth, or spiritual, Kingdom of souls. There would be time and freedom for the culture of the soul, which would lead to a change in the previous method of education and the disclosure of the soul's abilities, as well as the development of superhuman consciousness, and this would everywhere capture the attention of teachers and students.

The second discovery was to be made by scientists of the next two generations in the field of light and color research. The effects of color on people, animals, and units of the plant Kingdom had to be studied, resulting in the development of etheric vision, or the ability to see the next level of matter with physical eyes. More and more people would begin to think and express themselves in terms of light, and the effect of further development in this area of human thinking would be threefold:
  • people would have etheric vision;
  • the vital or etheric body, which is the internal structure of external forms, would become visible in all the realms of nature, would be noticed by scientific researchers and would certainly be studied;
  • this would break down all intra-human barriers and all distinctions by skin color; the essential brotherhood of humanity would be proved. People would see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness, and then they would increasingly express themselves and think in terms of electricity, electric voltage, intensity, and energy. The age and status of man on the ladder of evolution would become objectively obvious, and the differences in the capabilities of old and young souls would be recognized, and then the rule of the enlightened would be restored on Earth.

The third discovery, which was intended to be the last to occur, belongs to the sphere of what, for lack of another term, is called magic. It must have been the result of the study of SOUND and its effects, and would have given man the most powerful instrument in the world of creation. Thanks to the sound the emergence and changes of new forms would be possible. Through the use of sound, the scientist of the future would be able to achieve the desired results, and a new field of discovery would be revealed – the study of the sound produced by each form in all the realms of nature. A Grand discovery in the use of SOUND and WORDS of POWER would revolutionize the technology of transport communications and the movement of goods. Rail and shipping would be a thing of the past. They were to be replaced by air transport using the levitation technique, when knowledge of the words of power is applied.

The next stage was to be important – the study of the influence of sound on the mineral kingdom and specifically on the atoms of substances. A man's long-held dream of transmuting metals would come true, and the whole industry of mining precious metals would go into the past. The conversion of base metals into gold would become commonplace when the nature of the effect of sound on the atom of matter was discovered and understood. By the way, this will certainly happen, and gold will no longer be the standard of value. Such a discovery would completely change the perception of the chemical nature of substances, and the work of chemical scientists, describing the structure of substances with chemical formulas, would be reduced to SOUND. Sound would create new unprecedented structures of polymers and such substances, the existence of which is still considered impossible. The effect of sound on polymers would lead to their destruction down to atoms. This would solve the problem of contamination of the planet with items made of non-degradable plastic.

The release of atomic energy was also to be associated with the new coming science of sound. We are talking about the energy of nuclear fusion, based not on high-temperature plasma, but on "cold" synthesis, based on the effect of sound on the atoms of matter. Although the energy of the atomic nucleus was still discovered and is now being used by mankind, it was planned to use the energy obtained not as a result of fission of the atomic nucleus, but the energy of synthesis, namely cold nuclear fusion. It has not happened. Humanity was sent down the wrong path – the path of thermonuclear fusion, and scientists were told to forget about sound, along with the non-recognition of the existence of the human soul and the denial of ether. The plans outlined by The Hierarchy of the Light Forces were not destined to come true in full, because the forces of Evil intervened, and humanity ... - humanity decided to continue the world war, which began at the start of the century and was still ended by the victory of the Light Forces, but not without divine intervention.

I know that most of those who read these lines will perceive all of the above as a fairy tale – such is the quality of an ordinary person’s mind. And there is nothing special here, just as some 100 years ago, and even less, a demonstration of the work of, for example, a modern smartphone would be perceived as a miracle. And many other technological achievements of modern science and technology at the beginning of the last century would have been considered absolutely incredible. For example, the operation of a nuclear power plant. And so I urge the reader to moderate their skepticism about new technologies based on knowledge of Timeless Wisdom and the use of SOUND. After all, it is said: "In the beginning was the Word…».

Second force in politics
The second force, expressed in human consciousness, carries the divine principle of EQUALITY, just as the Third force is FRATERNITY, and the First force is FREEDOM. The principle of equality was first given to humanity by Christ Himself, so human souls should be considered the only vehicles of this divine principle. In the human mind, the principle of equality is embodied in the form of a democratic ideology, which was opened to humanity by a political group that was formed at a joint meeting of the Older Brothers of humanity, gathered in 1500. I have already written about the political group that was reorganizing all over the world in the section about the Third force. Then the political group first appeared among mankind, carrying with it the slogan "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity" – the existence of which was first learned by the French.

The divine principle of equality, expressed through democracy, is based on the right sense of proportion, the right self-respect, an understanding of the spiritual and at the same time natural Laws of Reincarnation, as well as Cause and Effect. Equality is based on the awareness of the age and experience of the Soul and on the point of evolution it has reached, not on all these loud categorical statements that "all people are equal". The true meaning of the principle of equality, which first appeared during the French revolution, remains misunderstood by the majority of mankind. To this day, people try to compare themselves with others. Understand why some people live better than others, why someone has a talent, and another does not have it at all. Someone is beautiful and stately, and someone is plain, but not tall, and so on. People see firsthand the manifestation of inequality in society, at work, in the family, and in everyday life. And when we hear that all people are brothers and all people are equal, there is a cognitive dissonance.

Misunderstanding is based on the ignorance of the masses, on illiteracy of the basic laws of the universe, on the rejection of the existence of the human soul, the animal soul and the divine soul. But it is the divine soul that is the true man, and since the soul is the son of the Father (the One), all sons are brothers and they are all equal before their Father. Inequality occurs only when souls go into incarnation and thus gain their own experience. It is this inequality that can be seen when you see the difference in "luminosity" in people, but for this you need to have etheric vision. The quality of LIGHT emanating from the soul should determine who is before you, and only this is a reliable subjective property that will indicate the degree of human evolution. This is the principle on which democracy, true democracy, should be built.

Democracy is not an election, and it is not the rule of the majority over the minority, taking into account the opinion of this very minority. We have come to the conclusion that today democracy is first of all ... a show. They are chosen based on the recognition of the applicant, his emotional and mental reactions, ability to present himself/herself in public, in front of cameras, at the microphone. This is not how it should be, this is not what the Hierarchy of Light Forces planned. Democracy must be based on the inequality of human souls in incarnation, and the election (but not the selection) must take into account the "age" of the human soul, its evolutionary status, and the quality of the Light it emits. And then it will be possible to restore the rule of the enlightened on Earth-the times of true democracy.

Today, the prevailing power of the forces of Evil on the planet and the opposition of their Hierarchy of Light Forces has changed Plans for humanity. The planned arrival of Christ in the second half of the twentieth century has been postponed, and the externalization of the Hierarchy itself is still in question. Today, the actions of the Creator's Forces are concentrated in the First force. And my further narration is about it.

The First force

This is the most powerful force on the planet. This force is initiated by the Will of the Creator, and this force determines His Goal, which means that this force arose directly in His Mind at the very moment when he thought about the Goal that the Creator of the Solar system set for Him. The goal must be fulfilled, and our Earthly Creator initiated the Will, which he directed to achieve the Goal. Only twice in the history of our planet has the First force been engaged directly, right into humanity: the first time in the Lemurian epoch during the individualization of man; the second time was in the Atlantean epoch, during the great struggle between the Lords of the Forces of Light and the Lords of the Forces of Darkness. Today, this force is active, it again pours into humanity directly, it embodies the aspect of Will in the modern world.

The secret of the will lies in the divine nature of man. Only that which is from the Creator in man can bring about the true manifestation of the will. In fact, it should be called out by the soul, which controls the mind of the person and controls the personality itself. In addition, the secret of the will is closely related to the recognition of the invincibility of good and the inevitability of its ultimate triumph. The previous age (Pisces) revealed to us the divine principle of Love – which was considered the main subject of comprehension in the receding Christian religion. In the coming age (Aquarius), the divine Will will become the theme of the future world religion. The will in its true expression is needed today both as a propelling force and as a purifying, clarifying agent. Two thousand years have passed since Christ made his initiating contact with the Deliberative Chamber of the Lord of the World and thus established a connection on behalf of humanity that even after twenty centuries remains only a thin, flimsy line connecting the energies of the place where the Creator's Will is known as the point of Light, where his Love is.

The first mention of the First force as the Will of the Father is made by the twelve-year-old Jesus when he addresses his mother as a symbol of the substantial aspect of divinity: "... or did you not know that I should be in that which belongs to My Father?"[LK. 2:49]. By this conversion, Jesus makes it clear that the life of the form expressed by the etheric double must be subordinated to the will of the indwelling Christ, which is directed to the attainment of the Creator 's Goal. In the gospel, this symbolism indicates the presence of Jesus' first initiation, which was received in one of the previous incarnations.

A few years later, when Jesus reached maturity in his life, divinity descended upon Him during his Baptism in the Jordan. In his address to John the Baptist at that time, He said: "...leave now, for thus it behooves us to fulfill all righteousness" [MT. 3:15]. By this conversion, Jesus demonstrated the victory over his own desires, which indicates that Jesus had a second initiation, also received in one of his previous incarnations. By replacing personal desires with the divine Will, Jesus asserts complete victory over them and proceeds to fulfill the planned righteous activities, in fact, realizing his own mission.

Near the end of his life, the divinity descends on Jesus for the third time in the garden of Gethsemane, when he exclaims: "... not My will, but Thine be done" [LK. 22: 42], thus it expresses the symbolism of the third initiation received earlier, perhaps even in a previous incarnation. Even then, however, the full expression of the divine Will seemed almost impossible to Him. He was still aware of the inner duality of his position and the difference between his own will and the will of the Creator. This can be seen in the text when we read: "My Father! If possible, let this Cup pass Me by." 26:39]. But the powerful influence of the divine Will can no longer be overcome by any self-will, and now " ... going away another time, he prayed, saying: My Father! If this Cup cannot pass Me by, that I may not drink it, Thy will be done." 26:42]. Only an adept, that is, one who has three initiations, and therefore who has come under the influence of the divine Will, is capable of such a feat of his soul. And only two initiations now separate him from the final victory over death.

In these three statements, which have come down to us through Evangelical Scripture, Jesus demonstrates his recognition of the three aspects of the divine Will that determines The First force of the Creator:
  • The Will, the defining aspect of life.
  • The Will that implements the establishment of correct human relations.
  • The Will that finally overcomes death.

These three aspects of the Will are related to the three divine expressions in man - spirit, soul, and body; life, consciousness, and form; life, quality, and phenomenon. Thus, the First force is related to the vitality of humanity, manifested through consciousness and form. It concerns the establishment of correct human relations and is the condition of being that will eventually reject the power of death. Therefore, it encourages, but does not compel. The Will arises when a Goal begins to be recognized, a conscious goal, and not an expression of desire. Desire arises in the material form of a person and ascends upwards. The Will acts by descending into the form, causing it to consciously submit to the divine Purpose. Desire acts as a call, and the Will as a response. It is necessary to distinguish the personal expression of will-self-will - from the divine Will, as a manifestation of the First force of the Creator. Self-will is an important tool in the evolution of the individual, and self-will is always associated with the desire of the individual - mainly for the satisfaction of material goods.

The personality of an ordinary person is not capable of responding to the divine Will. Only the human soul can attract the divine Will in response to its mental recognition of the Purpose. And only then the divine Will, expressed through the soul, prompts the individual to a certain directed activity right in the manifested world. This happens only during the coming of the Messiah, the prophet, the avatar, as, for example, during the coming of the group of Jesus. "Not my will, but Thine be done," He said, as for the first time he was consciously under the Will of his Father, who had sent him to execute the Plan.

The Will manifests itself in a different way in groups, such as a nation, and especially in large masses. When the masses begin to focus their desire, then the focused desire can summon the Will, which, responding, absorbs the desire and becomes an immanent driving force, stabilizing, clarifying and, among other things, destroying. It is much more than this, but it is all that the reader can grasp, for it is necessary to include the higher mental activity, which gives contact, but with the divine Soul of man. When the mass desire is conditioned by the establishment of correct human relations, which must be used to eliminate everything that hinders the free flow of human life and brings death to humanity (spiritual or real), then there will be a response, and the Will will be expressed in the form of Divine intervention. By the way, Christ did not come at the end of the twentieth century only because the mass appeal was too weak. In fact, it did not exist, because humanity has no desire to meet Him. Even today, the Hierarchy headed by Christ receives calls- "to delay His second coming as much as possible" – from those who are simply obliged by their office to call for the time of His coming to be brought closer.

The Reality Of The Divine Will
Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World, who came to our dense physical planet 18 million years ago as part of a group of Venusian messengers and has remained with us ever since, is the ruler of the First force of the Creator. Sanat Kumara assumed the personal expression of the Creator, just as Jesus did two thousand years ago when he was overshadowed by Christ when he walked the land of Palestine. The action of the First force most often leads to the destruction of everything that is undesirable and prevents it in modern forms in the world, whether in religion, in society, in politics. It is this process that has already started, and it will culminate in the arrival of the Avatar of Synthesis, overshadowing the small Avatar, which is described in the "Revelations of John" as a Rider on a white horse.
And I saw the sky open , and there was a white horse, and he who sat on it was called Faithful and True, < ... > He had a name written, which no one knew except Himself. <...> From His mouth comes a sharp sword, to strike the Nations with it.
[Rev. 19:11]

The sharp sword in the mouth of the Rider symbolizes the Divine Will-power, clothed in the WORD. In a word, All the delusions of the past, outdated ideologies, religions, traditions, philosophical concepts, false dogmas imposed on us by Orthodox science are destroyed by the Word. This is how the destructive aspect of the First force expresses itself. When the Rider takes the sword in his hand, the action of the First force changes and begins to manifest itself as a creative aspect, as stated in the "Ancient commentary»:
"The steel is needed for the transmission of the fire.  When the force of the inner man is coupled with the energy transmitted through the chakras of the palms, it passeth down the shining blade and blendeth with the force of the One Who is the ALL.  Thus is the Plan consummated."
The Tibetan

At the present time, when the First force is reactivated in the world, man is looking for a different interpretation of the divine Will, which would not require, as it has hitherto been, blind submission and strict acceptance of the incomprehensible dictates of an all-powerful Providence. Including the intellect, man now seeks an understanding that will generate conscious cooperation with the Creator's Plan, so that his individual will merges with the Creator's great divine Will for the good of the whole. This process is accomplished through constant efforts to understand and correctly interpret the Plan for humanity. Although human progress is relative and only of secondary importance to the Creator, nevertheless, humanity still has an important place in His Plans. The Creator is puzzled by His own Project directly related to the Solar system - specifically, from the beginning of the foundations for building the next Third Solar system.
Through the past civilisations and their eventual catastrophic destruction, the planetary Logos has gradually prepared the ground or planetary field for the "planting of the germ of Will"—the nurturing of which is a future part of human destiny.  <…>  The work of preparation for the planting of the germ or seed of the divine will on Earth is nearly over. …A world-wide recognition of the One Humanity is an essential prerequisite of the sowing. Later flower into the third solar system, can be nurtured and fostered and its growth promoted. This nurturing and fostering will be the task of a group of Masters (to be developed in the next major race) Who, at the Initiation of Decision, the sixth initiation, will dedicate Themselves, as a group, to the Path of Earth Service.
Their task is the application of the evolutionary process with a view to the preparation of the field of the world for the future divine sowing. From the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara will issue forth the Sower of the seed.
The Tibetan

This work is directly linked to the need for the Creator to make his own objective manifestation into our manifested world in the form of the Lord of the World ("the Old of days") and to accept a small initiation.
He could take this particular initiation through the experience to be gained in a vehicle constituted, expressive and at the special state of consciousness of our entire planetary manifestation.  It required an instrument in which the cells and atoms of His body (all lives in all kingdoms), and the integrated organisms within that body (the various kingdoms of nature), were at the peculiar point in evolution at which they are all now to be found.
The Tibetan

The significance of this event is difficult to overestimate. The fact is that the cancellation of the planned externalization of the Hierarchy of Light Forces at the end of the twentieth century, followed by the arrival of Christ, significantly slowed down the process of creating a light Station on Earth, which would significantly accelerate the evolution and rise of humanity, the further disclosure of its consciousness.

Two force stations – the same as the one that should be approved on the physical plane – already exist thanks to the work of the World's Saviours. At one time, the Lord Buddha established one of them on Earth on the plane of the mind (five-dimensional space), and some time later, His brother Christ did the same in four-dimensional space, on the plane of the senses. The arrival of the Avatar, known as The Rider on the white horse, initiates the process of creating on the physical plane, in our manifested world, a station of light and power, through which the Mysteries of Initiation can be revealed here. And a new world will be born - a world that expresses the Light, Love, and Knowledge of God.

The arrival of an Avatar who has not attained either the full enlightenment of the Buddha or the full expression of the divine Love of Christ, but who possesses great wisdom and love and such "materialization capabilities" that will allow Him to lay a divine power unit on the planet. His task is in many ways much more difficult than that of his two predecessors, Buddha and Christ. Carrying the energies of two Divine principles - Wisdom and Love – the Avatar will embody the third divine principle – the divine Will – which has not been used on our planet before. It will bring into manifestation such a Will of the Creator, about which humanity really knows nothing, yet which is the main theme of the upcoming new World religion. Religion translates as the restoration of relationships. Horizontal connections will gradually transform and include a vertical connection – with the human soul, the divine soul, and the Creator. In this way, He will fix the First force of the Creator on Earth.

The first force in politics
Its influence is incredibly great. This was first demonstrated by a political group that came to our world at the beginning of the XVIII century. Responding to the influence of the second aspect of the First force, its integration component, the Hierarchy of Light Forces at a meeting held in 1500 approved a Plan of action for the next 500 years. The plan took into account the possibilities of the coming age of Aquarius, and its influence should be used effectively. Since the minds and brains of the advanced part of humanity were practically insensitive to higher touches, it was necessary to expand human consciousness so that it included not only the world of emotions and feelings, but also the world of intelligence, thus approaching the perception of the world of the human soul. Second, something had to be done to break down the barriers of isolation, exclusion, and prejudice that alienated people from each other.

This meeting initiated specific group work along clearly defined lines, which led to the creation of four groups: cultural, political, religious, and scientific, each group having to express truth from a specific point of view and reveal a specific aspect of knowledge of reality. The cultural and political groups were the first to start working. The result of the active work of one group was expressed in the emergence of the Renaissance, while the other, a political group, reorganized the state and legal system on virtually all continents, perhaps with the exception of Africa.

One of the important tasks of the political group was the need to form the correct management of each national unit and their proper development, so that the Nations could properly fulfill their international responsibilities, thereby strengthening the world brotherhood of Nations.

The main troop of the political group occurred at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The group was implemented under the slogan "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity". These three Divine principles represent the three powers of the Creator. Each principle carries a corresponding ideology, the influence of which determines the socio-political structure of the nation. Thus, the principle of Brotherhood proclaims the Communist ideology in the nation, the principle of Equality - democracy. I have already written about them in previous chapters. The influence of the First force reveals in the consciousness of man the divine principle of FREEDOM. This principle is nothing but the free and true expression of divinity by man. But how can the divinity be expressed by a man? First of all, the recognition of the existence of correct human relations, freely established, voluntarily accepted and motivated by a sense of responsibility. In a nation, the principle of Freedom establishes a totalitarian ideology. Totalitarianism is a General term that includes all forms of monarchical government, as well as various types of autocracy.

The political group was being implemented simultaneously on several continents. The task of the group working on the development of Europe was primarily to destroy the monarchical regimes of government and create the foundations of a Republican form of government. To implement it with bloodless methods, such as in England, failed. It was only possible to destroy the old thinking of monarchical Europe by applying the destructive energy possessed by the political group. The response to the impact of the destructive force was the Seven Years ' war, which ended in 1763.

The work of the political group began with the arrival of students and initiates in various parts of the world. The group included Jean Paul Marat, Maximilien Robespierre, count Honore Gabriel Riccetti de Mirabeau, Charles Montesquieu, Napoleon, Congressman Jefferson and future US President George Washington, Russian Empress Catherine II, the Orlov brothers, count Potemkin, Alexander Suvorov, and Kutuzov.

The group consisted mainly of workers who were not aware of the plans of Hierarchy of the Light Forces, they worked unconsciously, impressed from above and inspired by their own souls. But there were also those who consciously responded to the world of thought of God, being the conductor of His Ideas, then impressing their colleagues, ministers in the political group with them. A key figure in the political group of the hierarchical workers was dedicated to a pupil of Alessandro count of Cagliostro. Yes, this is the same historical character who is often given another name - the famous adventurer Balsamo. In fact, they are two different characters. This was a deliberate provocation.
... this was the work of the Catholic Church, which thus tried to discredit the activities of count Cagliostro.
 [Trowbridge W.R.H. Cagliostro. London, 1910].

Both Cagliostro and the count Saint-Germain were aware of their mission. Saint-Germain was not a member of the political group at that time, but was preparing to accept the post of Head of the Department of Civilizations in the Hierarchy of Light Forces.

The head of the third division of the Planetary Hierarchy was Saint-Germain, the future Regent of Europe and America, who would in the near future "...hold in his hands the reins of government of continents and Nations, thereby directing their destinies, while at the same time inspiring and influencing statesmen and rulers, remain unknown". Saint-Germain was then responsible for providing financial support for reforms in Europe. Thanks to his actions in France in 1788, there was a huge public deficit of about 140 million livres, which immediately led to the French revolution. The task of the group headed by Cagliostro was to establish a Republican government in Europe and North America. Thus, the beginning of the birth of a unified Europe was laid by a political group, and Napoleon continued the work of reorganizing Europe.

The work of the political group in England led to the "Glorious revolution" in 1688, which ended the age-old struggle between the king and Parliament. In England, a constitutional monarchy was established, in which the main role was played by the Parliament, and the monarch remained as a symbol of the state. The result of the revolution was the introduction of a two-party system of government and the adoption of the bill of rights, which would later serve as the basis for rights and freedoms in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. The influence of the political group can also be traced to the American continent. The war of independence of 1775-1783 led, as we know, to the approval of the Declaration of independence of the United States of America by Congress on July 4, 1776. The most famous representatives of the then political group were Congressman Jefferson and George Washington, who became the first President of the United States.

Members of the political group who worked in Russia (Empress Catherine II, the Orlov brothers, count Potemkin, Alexander Suvorov), who carried out the coup d'etat in 1762 and seized power, set their main task to carry out political, judicial and local government reform. They were inspired by the works of S. L. Montesquieu and C. Beccaria, who were also part of the political group of hierarchical workers who provided the theoretical basis for the reformers of Europe and old Russia. The next incarnation of the political group took place in the period of the late XIX – early XX century. And those who made the revolution in France in the eighteenth century were reincarnated to lead and execute the revolution in Russia. This same group was at the origin of the Theosophical movement.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, a political group had reshaped the entire world virtually beyond recognition. The Affairs of the Light Forces were going well, and the Elder Brothers of mankind approved specific terms for the externalization of the Fifth, Spiritual, Kingdom of souls on the planet. To do this, it was decided to activate the influence of the First force, and thus, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the divine Will was directed to the masses directly, and not as it was before – through the political elite. However, humanity did not respond as intended. In the main, the masses responded to the destructive aspect of the First force and thus formed the line of least resistance to the influence of the Fifth force. This led to the division of Nations into two coalitions according to a fundamental duality: good and evil. And if the Hierarchy of Light forces, standing on the side of good, formed a coalition of the Entente led by Great Britain, then the opposite Forces of Evil, behind which stood the Dark Brothers, formed a coalition led by Germany.

Both Nations leading the opposing coalitions, Germany and Great Britain, expressed the line of least resistance to the destructive aspect of the First force. Both Nations expressed the principle of Freedom, which means that both Nations formed a totalitarian ideology, which in Great Britain was expressed in the form of a constitutional monarchy, and in Germany – in the form of an absolutist monarchy, in which power completely belonged to the Emperor (Kaiser). Power in Great Britain belonged to the aristocracy, that for almost 400 years preserved a special tradition of passing power by inheritance. This helped the UK to free itself from the selfishness, the characteristic of immature Nations. Thus, the English monarchy became the guarantor of maintaining the correct value orientation in the direction of good will, which became a decisive factor in the correct response of the nation to the energies of the First force. The maturity of the nation allowed the UK to lead a coalition of Light Forces. In 1914, the world war broke out. Then there was a break. The war ended in 1945. By the end of the world war, the coalition of Light Forces was finally formed from three Nations – Britain, USA, Russia (USSR), it got stronger and was able to defeat the coalition of the Dark brothers, headed by Germany.

The end of the world war and the victory over the DarkFforces of Evil allowed the Hierarchy of Light Forces to begin the process of externalization on the planet of the Hierarchy of Light Forces and the establishment of the Fifth (Spiritual) Kingdom of souls. The externalization process was led by the Teacher of Teachers Himself. This was to be His Second and final coming. The final – because what was initiated by Him 2 thousand years ago, finally had to be fulfilled, and then Christ would finally be able to leave our Earth and continue his own, already superhuman evolution, somewhere out there... in an unknown place in the Universe.

But the Plans were not fated to come true. The process of externalization was suspended, in fact failed. The reason for the failure lies in the activation of the Dark Brothers. The Hierarchy of Evil Forces today is reinforced by the influence of Cosmic Forces of Evil. Hence the demonstration by the Dark Brothers of unprecedented power on the planet. It was necessary to resort again to divine intervention. The cosmic avatar of Synthesis was called. His power is so great that He will have to work through an intermediary – a small Avatar, a Rider on a white horse. The avatar of Synthesis itself has already arrived in the scheme of the Earth and is located on the first globe (five-dimensional space) of our Earth chain.

The action of the First force in man
Usually the action of the First force prompts in some individuals an "inflexible intention" to work tirelessly for the establishment of true peace and understanding. And then these people carry out the establishment of good will on the planet. At the same time, the impact of the First force sometimes leads to an increase in self-will in selfish, ambitious, stubborn people who use power and influence. These people express the will-to-power, and this creates additional, albeit temporary, difficulties in advancing the Creator's Plans.

Humanity itself has not yet learned to deal wisely with the energy of the First force. The emphasis should be on the intelligentsia– those who serve the public good, being in politics, in the sphere of state activity. Their "small wills" should be aimed at stimulating good will in the masses, which will inevitably lead to important changes in planetary life, due to the Plans of the Creator.

Today, there are some powerful personalities in the human race who respond to the First force of the Creator. These people are susceptible to shocks of the energy of the divine Will. Although the energy thus acting through them is underestimated, it is mostly misinterpreted by their undeveloped consciousness and is therefore misused and directed by their limited personalities not to fulfill the Plans of the Creator, but to achieve their own good or the good of the groups to which they belong. Such people can be found in any sphere of human activity. They are leaders and dictators in all areas of life: political, social, religious, and educational.

Those who consciously respond to the First force, through the control of the soul and developed consciousness, are bound to strive for the good of the whole. This is embedded deep in their minds and hearts, and such individuals think in terms of the whole, not the part, and this is what needs to be embedded in the consciousness of the race today.

I will try to show how the First force works, using the example of the Old Testament history of the Jews. Here is one of them. When Moses came down from mount Sinai, where the Tablets of the Ten Commandments were given to him, he found that not all agreed to go with him to the promised Land, but some decided to go back to Egypt. Greatly angered, Moses literally destroyed the apostates. This was not a manifestation of evil or even simple human anger. The activity of the First force directed the sword of Moses. The sword is it’s symbol. The actions of Moses were never condemned in the entire Old Testament history of the Jews. Why? Nothing personal, because Moses actually fulfilled only the Will of the Creator.

Thus, the action of the First force in man must produce the following results. First of all, the response to the action of the divine will is awakened. Awakening occurs in the mind of a person and is then formed in the brain as a phenomenal occurrence. This leads to the activation of what is called asthma in Theosophical literature – the first differentiation of Life from the human monad, his "Father in Heaven".

Further, the response of this will causes a person to have an incredible enlightenment of the mind. This is an unusual state of consciousness, similar to omniscience, but it is not the same enlightenment that is achieved through meditation and about which much has been said in the mystical literature. In fact, the enlightenment of the mind caused by the influence of the First force is the response of intuition, which brings to the mind the enlightenment of direct knowledge. This state can be correlated with the state of consciousness of the Creator, when He proclaimed the command about the phenomenal creation: "Let there be Light." Most people believe that the old Testament Scripture refers to the fact that when the Lord uttered this phrase, it became light as day. In fact, this phrase indicates that the Creator has declared the behest of a phenomenal creation. The angels responded to His Will and created the objective world as he intended it.

The Atma manifested as a result of the First force, which brings enlightenment and comes from the highest divine aspect that man can imagine, descends into his mind, which, in fact, means penetration into the Mind of the Creator. When enlightenment flows directly from the human mind to the brain, after a while it is redirected to the center at the base of the spine, thus igniting the fire of Kundalini. Man now knows the Purpose of the Creator and thus gains power, becoming an agent of the Divine Will.

In principle, God only created man for this purpose, giving him first intelligence, and then consciousness. After all, consciousness is the vehicle of the will. But if a person had only consciousness and conducted the will, he would not distinguish good from evil and would easily become a conductor of the will of the Forces of Evil. For this purpose, God has given man an instrument for distinguishing good and evil – love (not an animal sense of love , but the love of Christ, never expressed by anyone except Christ Himself), which, merging with his mind, forms a new quality – love-wisdom.

This is the picture of the world today. The forces listed above are part of the temporary interweaving of energies that takes place between many expressions of creative forces in our time. They are also caused by the advancing power of Aquarius and "measured" by the leaving forces of the age of Pisces.


For thinkers of the world the best
way to serve is to realize that, 
what is happening to humanity as a whole, 
 and what goes on behind the scenes.
Teachers of Wisdom
Modern and postmodern
My picture would be incomplete if I did not point to the modern reality, to the time that we call the era of modernity and postmodernity. But where did modernity come from? Before I begin to answer, I suggest that you take a look at this graph, which shows the curve of human progress.

Since the beginning of the age of Noah, the scientific and technological progress of mankind has not actually changed, until the beginning of the Mesolithic. Further very small progress is due to the activation of the Fourth (Jewish) force, and, as can be seen from the graph, this progress has a weak tendency. But a sharp change occurs at the turn of the XIX century. Scientific and technical progress is simply explosive, but its development for some reason stops by the end of the twentieth century.

I will try to explain this graph. In fact, from the point of view of normal human life, intelligence develops very slowly – as shown in the graph up to the point 10,000 years ago, and if there are sharp bends in the curve, it means that someone interfered with the smooth course of evolution. Theoretically, it could be anyone, even aliens. In reality, everything is quite simple. And so, the first evolutionary leap was given to us by the Jews, and although their knowledge far exceeded that of earthly man, they did not have the task of accelerating the evolutionary progress of mankind. They had a very different task – quite the opposite, you might say. It was not progress that should be awakened in man, but his spiritual essence, which would give birth to the fifth Spiritual Kingdom of Souls on earth. In the section about the Fourth force, I explained the essence of their mission in more or less detail and as clearly as I could.

The Jews then failed, and the Hierarchy of the Light Forces postponed the solution of this problem to the next epoch, which changes every two and a half thousand years. But for this event – its externalization – it was decided to prepare in advance and more carefully. For this purpose, an extensive Meeting was held in 1500, at which plans were approved based on the coming of Christ. Of course, He should not have come alone, and the parish itself was not carried out in an empty place. First of all, the consciousness of humanity had to be prepared, it had to rise to the plane of the mind and expand so far as to include not only the world of emotions and feelings, but also the world of intelligence. Second, something had to be done to break down the barriers of detachment, isolation, and prejudice that alienated people from each other.

This meeting marked the beginning of specific group work in clearly defined areas. Groups were formed to work in the incarnation in four main areas: cultural, political, religious, and scientific. I wrote above about the actions of political, religious and financial groups. It is time to reveal the activities of the scientific group. So, it was the activity of the scientific group at the end of the XVIII century that served as the main factor of scientific and technological progress of mankind on the European and American continents. The fact is that Christ had to enter humanity through the European continent.

His arrival was preceded by a significant landing of the Lunar chain humanity, which, as I have already written, has an incredibly superior intellectual development than earth humanity. Thus, these developed souls, embodied in bodies, had to exist side by side with people of earth origin. And there was a division primarily along the lines of labor and capital. The creative expression of humanity in the Lunar chain far outstripped the abilities of earth's humanity, but in numerical terms, earth's humanity was many times greater than that of the Lunar chain. To make it more clear, I will give you historical examples. Henry Ford is a typical representative of the humanity of the Lunar chain, a capitalist, a proprietor, but his workers on the assembly line are earth's humanity, hard workers who provide surplus value to the manufacturer, whom they bent their back for.

Nevertheless, in Ford's absence, New York city of four million people, was literally choking on horse manure, as well as bred flies as a result, which were piled up on the streets in huge piles as high as a four-story building. Residents of the city then simply did not have time to cope with cleaning. The city developed rapidly and dynamically, and its communications and cargo transportation were carried out by horse-drawn vehicles. The carts were driven by ordinary people, who, although they were suffocated by the stifling stench of the city streets, could do nothing about it except increase the height of the dung heaps.

The problem was solved by the members of the scientific group, periodically coming to incarnation. Here is a short and incomplete list of this group: Isaac Newton, Wilhelm Leibniz, Leonard Euler, Karl Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Rene Descartes, Alan Turing, Galileo Galilei, Christian Huygens, James watt, Alessandro Volta, Michael Faraday, Joseph Henry, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla. And even this incomplete list indicates that great importance was given to the fundamental sciences. Thanks to such mathematicians as Isaac Newton, Wilhelm Leibniz, and Leonhard Euler, it was possible to raise engineering to a high level. Many technical innovations began to appear, one of which can be considered the invention of the first commercial car by Karl Benz. His idea was taken up by Henry Ford, whose developed intellect helped rid New York of horse manure and countless flies. Ford took advantage of the invention of Karl Benz, and he for the first time used the conveyor when assembling a car, which dramatically increased production. In just a short period of time, so many cars were manufactured at Ford factories that they completely displaced horse-drawn vehicles from the street of American cities.

In one example, I showed how some of the innovations of a scientific group significantly improved people's lives, solved a lot of problems related to hygiene, and made it easier for them to live in incarnation. The scientific group carried the discoveries, and the humanity of the Lunar chain solved design and technical problems, improving production technologies, as well as financial support. Earth's humanity was assigned the role of low-intellectual labor on factory conveyors or ordinary factories that produced a variety of goods, providing an ever-increasing need for hygiene to incarnating souls, forming the intellectual basis of a new society called MODERN. In fact, modernism is aimed at serving humanity in everyday life in order to facilitate the conditions of earthly existence of incarnating developed souls, designed to prepare the "ground" for the coming of Christ.

The research group, thanks to the discoveries in mathematics, laid the theoretical foundation for the development of related sciences: mechanics, physics, chemistry, electrodynamics, based on which some important technological discoveries took place, solving many technical problems in materials science, electrical engineering. But most importantly, the group showed a path leading to the solution of the energy problem of humanity. An important role in this was played by Marie and Pierre Curie, who discovered radium and investigated the phenomenon of radioactivity, previously discovered by Henri Becquerel. Subsequently, this work was joined by Enrico Fermi, who first launched a nuclear reactor in 1942, thus paving the way for the development of nuclear power.

In the section about the Second force, I described in more detail the plans for externalizing the Hierarchy of Light forces and the coming of Christ. As I have written many times, these plans were not to be fulfilled. Modernism had to be closed down, and it was replaced by postmodernism, in the terminology of some sofa philosophers. In fact, these are just the times that follow modernity, in which today we are born, live and die – how much is hidden in these three words! Postmodernism has actually given nothing to humanity, and it has responded by looking back into the past more and more often, sinking more and more into archaism. In science, the flow of fundamental discoveries has finally dried up, and what is very important: philosophy as a science has completely degraded, and the beginning of its degradation can be attributed to the rejection of metaphysics. The project of man is closed because the balance of "fire and clay" in it is disturbed, and God – so "he is dead". Consumption has become a virtue, not creativity. Progress today is focused on communication, and the mobile phone has become an important human organ. And if modernity gave a person the comfort of existence in the incarnation, then excessive comfort gives a person the feeling that he is worthy of it, although he is only worthy of death.

So: beginning in the early nineteenth century “Modern” could not have taken place without the growing influence of a special force coming from the fifth division of the Hierarchy, the forces stimulating the scientific activity of man. However, the modernist project was aimed at transforming a person into a creative person, constantly engaged in creativity. Man turned into a superman, not necessarily healthy, not necessarily moral, not necessarily humanistic - a man who looked beyond the boundary in search of God, because God was revealed to the last person who started, because the one who did not start did not realize his boundaries. But who is he - the superman of modernity? Civilization has not realized that behind the human kingdom there is a Spiritual kingdom - the Kingdom of Souls, ready to make its own manifestation. But man considered himself the crown of nature and that he was ready to overcome the boundaries that separate him from superman. And he has done it.

For a modern person, the natural state is a state of breaking with tradition – the bonds are thrown off. Most often, the tradition is personified by the family. A family is understood to be somewhat more than an ordinary family. A modern man is a man who overcomes his primordial, immanent nature. He has no homeland, he is cosmopolitan, he has no biography, no family, he does not think about the true immanence that gives him all that he has – first of all, consciousness. A modern man is a man who has broken with tradition. Traditions are unshakeable fundamental concepts. The modern man lives in a relevant world where everything is relative. When he went beyond the borders, he hoped to see God there. Finding no one there, the person had no choice but to decide that "God is dead", which means that he himself can now take his place. And then modernism ended.

Modernism ended not because the flow of developed souls going to incarnation stopped. Humanity directed creativity to expand the satisfaction of needs, finally renouncing the knowledge of the immanent God, and then the Hierarchy of Light Forces brought out of the incarnation the very ray of science. The result is the completion of scientific and technological progress, which is what we are seeing today.

About the special Russian way
Of course, there is a special way. But it has nothing to do with development. Because the development of any nation is the same as that of people: from birth, through the stage of infancy, to maturity. This is how the nation has developed, is developing and will continue to develop. However, when development is achieved, this is where differences and peculiarities of national manifestations arise. For example, the Jews are a special racial type, and they appeared on Earth for a special purpose, which I wrote about in the Chapter on the Fourth force. Naturally, this is not the evolution of the Jewish people at all, because the Jews completed human evolution in the previous Solar system, but could not pass through the gate leading to liberation. They came to Earth with a mission to help the Creator establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. And only for this reason are they considered the chosen people. But 2 thousand years ago, the Jews refused to fulfill their mission, which means that they lost the status of being chosen.
Therefore: if we must apply to a nation the expression "it has a special path", then we can not use the word development any further. A special way can only be with a specific mission of the nation, and this mission must necessarily be demonstrated in its national idea. And since for any nation
... the idea of a nation is not what it thinks of itself in time, but what God thinks of it in eternity
Solovyov V.S.

– so the mission of such a nation must be linked to the Creator's Plan. Take Russia as an example. Yes, Russia had a specific mission at the beginning of the twentieth century, and this mission was conditioned by Plans for preparing the coming of Christ in the second half of the twentieth century. However, there were two other Nations – the United Kingdom and the United States – that were also assigned a mission. Their mission was different from the Russian mission, which means that the UK, the US and Russia had a special path, but not an evolution, but a mission related to the plans of the coming of Christ. The Russian mission was that the nation was entrusted with the task of becoming a conductor of the third aspect of the Creator – Brotherhood. The United States was assigned the task of expressing the second aspect of the Creator – Equality. Great Britain was charged with the task of expressing the first aspect of the Creator – Freedom.

Russia expressed the divine principle of Brotherhood through its Communist ideology. The United States expressed the divine principle of Equality through democracy, and the United Kingdom expressed the divine principle of Freedom through totalitarianism, which was embodied in the monarchical regime of government. Naturally, all three ideologies - Soviet communism, American democracy, and English totalitarianism – did not in any way express the true meaning of the corresponding divine principles: Fraternity, Equality, and Freedom. There is nothing special here: both Russia, the US and the UK are developed Nations. And it is Nations, not peoples, because if we use categories of Nations, we are already talking about the expression of the national Soul, not the people. For example, Slavs, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians are all these are not a nation, it is people, but the Russians are a nation. Just as the English, Canadians, Australians, Irish, Scots, Welsh are all people, but the British are a nation. About the United States, I think you have already guessed.

Just as a person's Soul expresses itself in incarnation through a person, so a nation also has a personal expression, and most often in the form of an Empire. When a person over a long time of evolution has finally formed as a person: proud, strong-willed, principled, intellectually developed, ambitious, emotional - there comes a time when all these qualities are taken under full control of his own Soul, which gives the person its own consciousness and gives life. This is a completely different stage of life, when all the thoughts of a person, his activity are determined by the expression: "... not My will, but Thine be done" [LK. 22:42]. It is the same with Nations.

By the way, of the three above-mentioned Nations, Russia is considered the most spiritually advanced nation. Therefore, it has a special mission before the Creator. However, we must understand that this is the mission of the national Soul, and we, the Russians, will have to fulfill this mission. The peculiarity of the nation does not indicate that now you can "send everyone else to the garden", they say, we have a mission, we are a special people. No, and once again no. The mission is primarily a responsibility, a responsibility to the Creator for all humanity. However, to fulfill the mission, it is necessary to at least get acquainted with it, and then take it into service as a Russian national idea. I wrote a lot about the Russian mission, for example, in the article "Revelation".

But not only Russia has a special path, but the United States, Great Britain, and Israel have it. But I can point out who doesn't have a special path. Ukrainians, Belarusians, and the people of the Baltic countries do not have it. Because there is no Ukrainian or Belarusian nation. The Polish nation does exist, but there is no Finnish nation, and the Finnish people are there. Today, the ruling world elite denies the existence of any special path. They say that you have a consumer ideology that is the same for everyone, so live for your own pleasure – if you can. This is the concept of the Hierarchy of Evil Forces, whose adherents now rule the planet using the Fifth force and the power of money. The fifth force activates people's own devilish power. And visiting churches, temples, and other religious architecture does not help here. Even prayers don't help.

About justice
Who doesn't dream of it? Many fight for it, and some even put their heads on the block for it, or their lives on the altar – each in a different way. And, of course, the majority want to see it as a national idea. This is the dream of the majority, the crowd that expresses mass consciousness and marches through life under the slogan "bread and circuses", because they don’t need the perception of "revelation from above". Solomon's parable "without a revelation from above, the people are unrestrained" - this is not said for them, it is an indication for the part of the population for whom justice is perceived differently or should be perceived so. Lets’ see how…

To understand the essence of justice, we must first recognize that there is no absolute justice, but only relative. With one exception – God. Only the Creator has absolute justice, but his justice will most likely not fit into the human concept of justice. This is proved by numerous facts of seemingly glaring injustice, when God would certainly have to intervene and demonstrate the highest justice! But no, you will never get divine "justice". Of course, there are incredible events in the form of miraculous rescues, warnings of danger, the retreat of diseases and other miracles. However, all this has nothing to do with God, much less with divine justice.

Absolute justice, which is expressed only by the Creator, is not directed at a person who for some reason thinks of himself as the crown of nature. Proud of this thought, the man decided that only what was good for him would be fair. This naivety is rooted in human ignorance, which is akin to stupidity. It is time for a man to step down from the mythical pedestal and humbly wait to be invited to take the fourth step of the pedestal, which today he dreams of climbing only in his own illusions.

Of the existing seven kingdoms of nature, man belongs to the fourth Kingdom after the mineral, vegetable, and animal. But here's the important thing: for God, man really is the fourth step among the seven kingdoms. I hope it is easy to understand that man includes the three lower kingdoms of nature: the mineral, the vegetable, and the animal. Who can argue with this, if it is clear that we eat products produced from these realms or by the realms themselves. For example, milk or dairy products – butter, cheeses, etc. Milk is the product of a cow, that is, a representative of the third, animal, kingdom of nature. But the cow produces milk by eating grass – the second vegetable kingdom. As the grass grows on mineral soil – the first, the mineral kingdom of nature.

However, this will be an incomplete picture of the representation of man, because we take into account only the visible part of the form, but we cannot grasp the hidden, unmanifested essence of man. For example, its mental component. So, in order to represent the true man, we must consider his metaphysical essence. And it will be presented through the so-called Creative Hierarchies, of which there are twelve in total. The first seven of them embody our Solar system, and the Eighth stands on the threshold of liberation, respectively, the last four achieved liberation in the previous Solar system. The fourth Creative Hierarchy (counting from below) is called the Human Hierarchy, but you will never see this "man" because this is the highest aspect of man, his "Father in Heaven". In fact, these are human monads – the lowest manifestation of the self-conscious aspect of the Spirit. They were born by the third Person of the One (Brahma), the Creator in the previous Solar system. In the current, second Solar system, their task is to express the principle of Love-Wisdom (Buddhi) - the quality of the second Person of the One. They achieve this goal through the Third Creative Hierarchy.

If the Fourth Hierarchy is called the Hierarchy of Initiates, then the Third Hierarchy is Human Personalities. The First and Second Creative Hierarchies are called the Elemental or Blind lives and the Lunar Lords, respectively. And if the Second Hierarchy forms the mental and intellectual component of a person, the First one directly builds the human body: the etheric and dense. What unites all the twelve Hierarchies is LIFE, the one Life that is present in everything: from the smallest atom of matter and the Logos (Creator) of our Solar system down to that unknown Entity that is behind the manifestation of the entire Cosmos. It is the evolution of Life that is carried out in the Cosmos through the expanding consciousness of each of the twelve Creative Hierarchies. For example, there are nine stages of consciousness for the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human monads. After passing through the nine stages of expansion of consciousness in the Fourth Hierarchy, Life transfers consciousness to the next Hierarchy. A living example of this phenomenon is Buddha. After receiving the last, ninth initiation, He will pass into another, superhuman, status and leave our Earth forever, going on the Path of Higher evolution. Christ follows Him.

But let's return to the problem of justice. From the four manifested – and three unmanifested – realms of nature, only man is concerned with the problem of justice. Of course, not the "true man" who belongs to the Fourth Creative Hierarchy and represents the true "I", but the one who is objectively manifested and carries the "not-I" and through whom the "true man" tries to express himself. The three lower Creative Hierarchies form the human "not-I" of the intellectual personality and the body of manifestation. For the "true man" there is no concept of justice at all, therefore, only the embodied person will always demand justice, and only absolute justice.

In fact, absolute justice, which only God is endowed with, can be realized only in relation to LIFE, which is the subject of evolution and which is one everywhere and in everything. You probably won't believe it, but there are tools for the implementation of absolute justice, and these tools are not from God, but from the so-called Lords of Karma, who do not even obey the Creator. So when you call on God for help, it is in vain! Try to appeal to the Lords of Karma. Joke! The point is that it is not the Lords of Karma who are punishing; They are only observing the Law of Retribution. There are huge archives in which records of all human actions and thoughts are stored. These data are collected by so-called Lipics, angelic entities. The retribution is imposed on the reincarnating human soul. Going into the incarnation, the soul lays its own mission, taking into account the Law of Retribution, and the task of the Lord of Karma is to make sure that karmic problems are taken into account. Thus, the human soul coming in a particular incarnation will select such conditions and such a group of souls to work out the karma of past incarnations as much as possible. Evolution (of the soul) cannot be continued unless karma is regulated. This is the basic principle of absolute justice.

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to postpone the fulfillment of karma for a particular individual. For example, this was the situation with Buddha. When he came into incarnation as Siddhartha Gautama, His karma was not fully settled, but He was already assigned to a responsible position of service to the Creator. Then His karma was postponed, but as a result He had to come back into incarnation in order to settle his own karma. Only after karma was fully settled and worked out, did He no longer need to incarnate in a dense body, and he completely gave Himself up to the service of the Creator, being only in a disembodied state, thereby significantly speeding up His own evolution.

Karma is necessarily worked out only in the incarnation, and this event is certainly recorded by Lipics. A good example is the karma of Jesus, which arose due to the fact that, while in the Jewish body, his mission was not fulfilled – led Him to incarnation in the 80-ies of the last century. And of course, he had to come again in a Jewish body. As you can see, there is not only individual karma, but also group karma, as well as national and universal karma. The same fate awaits His mentor, Christ. It is for this reason that Christ will certainly come to Earth, just as the Buddha once came to work out karma. These are the laws of absolute justice. What should we, humans, do? So, for a person, there is a concept of relative justice. I suggest we look it over.

Justice as it is
In addition to the desire of a better life, people will always demand justice – do not feed bread, but ensure justice! I have already shown that the absolute justice on the planet is only relative, and this axiom is demonstrated by the well-known Russian proverb: "What is good for a Russian, death for a German". Thus what is true for one individual or even a whole nation is not necessarily fair for another. That is why there is only relative justice. For example, take Crimea. Is it fair that the land that the Russians once won from the Turks, suddenly turned out to belong to Ukrainians, and especially for free. Perhaps the Turks will shrug their shoulders – they don't care, but the Ukrainians will say – justly.

But the Russians have regained the Peninsula and claim that they have restored justice (to themselves), but for some reason the entire international community claims that justice has been violated. Where is the logic and where is the justice? At the same time, the international community nods to some laws, agreements, declarations and other casuistry. We are also not blind: we rely on the Kosovo precedent and also give arguments, appealing to justice. No one will argue that our justice is based on ballistic missiles, because the other arguments are worthless. I remember once Saddam took the oil fields of Kuwait and thought it was fair. But his justice had a flimsy foundation. Whose justice ultimately prevailed and what it was based on - you know (American, who does not know).

I can list long and tedious examples of historical "justice". Everyone will throw me thousands more examples. However, all examples will indicate that fairness will always be RELATIVE. Moreover, justice must always be confirmed - by force. But then it turns out that this is not justice at all. Once the American representative was asked directly: why do you interfere in the internal affairs of countries? The answer was simple: "because we can." And if interstate justice is defended only by force, then what kind of justice is it?! There is no inter-state or inter-national justice. There is a right of force. When in 1945, at the Yalta-Potsdam conference, Russia (then the USSR), along with Great Britain and the United States, divided Europe into spheres of influence, it was fair. But if the USSR did it alone – the whole world would consider it unfair.

I can list long and tedious examples of historical "justice". Everyone will throw me thousands more examples. However, all examples will indicate that fairness will always be RELATIVE. Moreover, justice must always be confirmed - by force. But then it turns out that this is not justice at all. Once the American representative was asked directly: why do you interfere in the internal affairs of countries? The answer was simple: "because we can." And if interstate justice is defended only by force, then what kind of justice is it?! There is no inter-state or inter-national justice. There is a right of force. When in 1945, at the Yalta-Potsdam conference, Russia (then the USSR), along with Great Britain and the United States, divided Europe into spheres of influence, it was fair. But if the USSR did it alone – the whole world would consider it unfair.

Okay, but is there any justice? Yes, there is. And first of all, we should take into account such a concept as SOCIAL JUSTICE. The effect of social (non -) justice is clearly visible in the case of, for example, pension provision. Labor justice is implemented by the principle: "from each according to ability and labor, to each according to need". That is, public goods are distributed according to a person's labor participation, experience, ability, and so on. For this purpose, there are all kinds of tariff schedules, standards, and many other factors that take into account labor merits. But even here it is impossible to establish justice. Most often, a person simply puts their work and their abilities on the market, and the cost (wages) is determined by the law of supply and demand, and not some kind of justice.

Only when a person ceases to work and continues to exist, they need funds for life, medical care and other expenses. And here, it would seem, is exactly the case when the same SOCIAL JUSTICE is required. But where is it?! Judge for yourself, both a state Duma Deputy and, for example, a miner stop working due to reaching a certain age, say 60 years. It is useless to talk further about justice, you know everything yourself. What justice! Gross injustice!

A hundred years ago, they decided to fight for this very justice in the country. Both in terms of labor and social justice. At first glance, everything turned out well. But this is only at first glance, that is, considering what is on the surface, without penetrating into the world of meanings. Remember when I wrote about absolute justice? Here is a famous quote from the German sociologist of the early twentieth century, Max Weber: "The only way to please God is to perform worldly duties as they are determined for each person by his place in life." Do you understand?

If a person, for example, by birth fell into the ranks of serfs, then he must work for his master, who also by the will of fate received the appropriate incarnation. And this will correspond to absolute justice. Of course, the master may be a despot, a tyrant, or just an idiot, but justice will surely prevail, and not only in future incarnations, because absolute justice is performed by the Lords of Karma. And if the individual by the will of fate found themselves in the ranks of the proletariat and suddenly decided that it is necessary to restore justice by type "who was nothing will become everything", it would be an absolute injustice that will be marked by Lipics and which will have to be resolved, but now by the entire nation. Although at first glance, it is a revolution to bring "justice". Ignorance of the masses! – this is the main cause of all human troubles. How to deal with this?

The unwillingness of man to know the depth of the nature of things, their true meaning, through the science of metaphysics makes people unable to distinguish between good and evil, and therefore do not understand the essence of justice. In the end, the Supreme Law still forces a person to fulfill what is destined for him by fate, and therefore by the Creator Himself. No one can avoid this: no ordinary hard worker, no shrewd businessman, no clever philosopher, no cunning politician, no staunch warrior, no pious priest, no Jesus, not even Christ Himself. This is closely watched by the lords of Karma (of whom there are four), because They are called to ensure absolute justice on the planet. And good intentions lead to ... you know where.

There is also the so-called justice "according to the law". For example, a thief should be in jail. But this is the same justice that must prevail, and necessarily according to the laws that society accepts based on the norms of morality. Morality is formed by an ideology that is derived from an IDEA that is known to be in the mind of God. But even in this case, you can't do without metaphysics. Otherwise, if we assume that we can do without metaphysics, we get what we have: the laws are written, but they are not enforced, because the laws contradict the "concepts". Because the laws were written according to the so-called Roman law, and our minds are full of Byzantium. In addition, the imposed consumer ideology is in conflict with the norms of morality inherent in the Russian nation, and is rapidly being implemented.

There is also the so-called justice "according to the law". For example, a thief should be in jail. But this is the same justice that must prevail, and necessarily according to the laws that society accepts based on the norms of morality. Morality is formed by an ideology that is derived from an IDEA that is known to be in the mind of God. But even in this case, you can't do without metaphysics. Otherwise, if we assume that we can do without metaphysics, we get what we have: the laws are written, but they are not enforced, because the laws contradict the "concepts". Because the laws were written according to the so-called Roman law, and our minds are full of Byzantium. In addition, the imposed consumer ideology is in conflict with the norms of morality inherent in the Russian nation, and is rapidly being implemented.

About the national idea
The national idea of Russia, of course, exists, just like any other nation. Why haven 't we found it yet? The answer is simple - they are not looking in the right places. The idea of a nation is not in the minds of men, but in the mind of the Creator. There is a mechanism for getting into His Mind.

So the Source of the IDEA is the Mind of God. This is not unusual. For centuries, millennia, humanity has been guided by the Will of the Creator. The will is always aimed at achieving the Goal. The Creator's goal is abstract and belongs to the world of causes, but His Idea of achieving the Goal is already being concretized in His Mind. Nevertheless, the chosen Thinker is able to penetrate into the world of causes, and therefore into the Mind of the Creator, thereby depositing directly in his brain ideas that directly concern the nation.

It is not simple and very difficult to get into the Mind of God. They enter into the Mind of God only by knowing their own mission; by developing and enlightening their mind with special practices, through the knowledge of many Sciences; by reading special spiritual literature, by realizing real spiritual aspiration, and to this they devote their whole life. Such cases are known in the history of mankind. In the Bible, they are presented as the appearance of a Prophet. So, only a Prophet can know the Thoughts of God in relation to the nation, and specifically Russia, because this is his life mission.

To manifest the Divine Thought is to realize the Purpose of God in your own physical brain. It must be said that it is impossible to do this using only a rational mind. It is necessary to achieve a special spiritual state - transpersonal consciousness - the Wisdom of the Soul. In Eastern practices, meditation is used for this purpose; in the ancient Orthodox tradition, Hesychast practices are used. But here, most likely, we are talking about the expression of the spirit, manifested as the "Holy Spirit " of the Slavophils, the descent of which is the realization of the Divine Thought directly, in the physical brain of the questioner - the phenomenon of "glory and power".

It is only then that we have a phenomenon: the Messiah - One who knows the Purpose and Plans of God; Buddha - Who ".. expressed the Wisdom of God"; Messenger; Prophet; Avatar – "a Being who, having first developed His own nature, human or divine", and then surpassed it, becomes able to reflect a certain Cosmic Principle, divine quality or energy that will have the desired effect on humanity, producing the necessary stimulation and, in esoteric language, "leading to the breaking of the veil and saturation with light". This complex theme of the manifestation of Divine Missions is partially revealed in the Doctrine of Avatars. Perceiving the divine thought, the Avatar (Prophet) brings to the consciousness of all thinking humanity – the Goal of the Creator, which will be perceived as common to all people.

By contacting the world of causes in which the Intellect of God expresses itself, the Divine Soul of the Prophet transfers the Divine Idea from the Mind of God to its own abstract mind. Then the Idea is sent to the concrete mind, where the abstract idea takes on a concrete formal expression and then in the form of a concrete thought, then, according to the Antahkarana, it is sent to the etheric brain of the Prophet. By means of magnetic induction, thought-forms from the etheric brain go directly to the physical brain of the dense body, and thus a concrete Thought is formed in the mind of the Thinker, conditioned by the Idea of God!

The prophet is devoid of fantasies and illusions, because he does not have a partition separating the etheric brain from the physical brain, so that his brain becomes one. Thus, the Adept constantly, without interrupting consciousness, functions in the three worlds of seven-dimensional space, and therefore he is immortal. Thus, the Prophet is able to expound the Metaphysics of the Divine Idea, putting it in the word of FIRE, which will become the basis, the Foundation for a true national Idea from God!

To the reader
Dear reader, if you are reading these lines, it is quite possible that you have read the entire text to the end. However, if you do not understand anything or what you read seemed like a "fairy tale" – close the page and forget, the article is not for you. The Internet is huge, and you can easily find more suitable material for yourself. Not everyone understands the essence of Newton 's binomial or tensor calculus. Not everyone can read music. By the way, many sections of higher mathematics are completely inaccessible to me, and this is quite normal, although I know musical notation.

However, if you are touched by something in this article and your brain is "stirred" - then this article is for you. Read it again, slowly and thoughtfully, and if after the second reading you become more clear about the material - it means that you have activated "Kundalini". This is the real magic of the Soul.

And else…
I put Malevich's "Black square" in the title image for a reason. The fact is that everything I have written above is a very black square – a square that expresses four principles: the attribute of the mind, the sensory attribute, the vital attribute (the etheric double), and the dense body. With these four principles, the human soul expresses itself in five-dimensional space; its fourth principle (the dense body) can function only in three-dimensional space.

But why black?.. It's simple. The true picture is hidden under a black layer that symbolizes our reality. The fact is that we live – you won’t believe it - in the past, and this past is not determined by a temporal factor. And although the development of our Solar system is already in the second period, yet we still live in the matter of the past Solar system, the symbol of which is Saturn, just as the Moon – the mother of our Earth. Once all its substance was transferred to our planet. Well, not all of it, because there's still something left-something that shines like a dead light in the night sky, especially when the moon is full. The real, second Solar system – a fourth-order system – exists in six-dimensional space. There shines a six-dimensional ball - the Sun of the "New sky", thanks to which our ... "..bright Sun rises, illuminating the misty valley, where madness still roams, where arbitrariness rejoices."
by Heykan
June 2019